Say Goodbye to Binghamton

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A parody of a song by Billy Joel.
Recorded by mikeoconnelljr in Sterling, VA
Recorded: 02/23/2018  Released: 02/24/2018  First aired: unaired


“Say Goodbye to Binghamton”

Tony’s working in the city tonight
While up north there’s a game in Binghamton.
The team that Nigel’s always talking about
Now they’re out of their conference tournament.
Say goodbye to Binghamton.
Say goodbye, my Bearcats.
My Harpur College Colonials.
Say goodbye to Binghamton.

Tommy’s Dempsey’s been the coach for a while
But his style has not won too many games.
Tony likes him but will that be enough
It is tough not to argue for a change.
Say goodbye to Binghamton.
Can we get John Thompson III?
Is Gary Williams available?
Say goodbye to Binghamton.


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  • Jerry in Annandale, VA
    Very nice - I especially like the second verse!
    295 days ago.