Going to the Zoo

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A parody of a song by Tom Paxton.
Recorded by robert berg in Pittsburgh, PA
Recorded: 09/11/2017  Released: 09/14/2017  First aired: 09/28/2017


See the monkey, he's scritch scritch scratching
Watching his iPad, smoking and laughing
Hanging with Bud Grant, tap tap tapping
On his purple attache

Nigel's going to the zoo zoo zoo
Reginald's got the Vikes by 2
Sometimes he throws his poo poo poo
When he's had too much Johnny Walker Blue

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Your Name
  • JoeScapp
    If you don't love this song, there's just no hope for you. "Reginald's got the Vikes by 2"! Classic.
    51 days ago.
  • Ricardo Bahena
    My children 20, 4 and 2, love the song
    435 days ago.
  • J. Hixson
    Just marvelous.
    765 days ago.
  • Frank Kelly
    As read by Dr Mr Grandpa on 12/15 podcast the song stuck in my head
    797 days ago.
  • Bill Barto in Columbus, OH
    The quintessential American monkey song, awesome
    868 days ago.