For All the Mail I've Read Before

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A parody of a song by Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias.
Recorded by Jerry in Annandale, VA
Recorded: 09/25/2013  Released: 08/10/2013  First aired: 05/27/2013


WILLIE: Here come's Tony's Mailbag
JULIO: He got your e-mails, faxes, and notes
WILLIE: He's gonna read a few
JULIO: And maybe a Haiku
TOGETHER: For all you folks

Mr. Tony's always moaning
and kvetching about his day
The bald orange man continues groaning
He gets so carried away

A parody of Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias, "To All the Girls I've Loved Before"

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  • Jerry in Annandale, VA
    This was an early favorite of mine but the audio was extremely quiet & warbled due to my total lack of understanding in how to use the equipment. Originally recorded 5/26/13, re-recorded 9/25/13.
    1482 days ago.