Nigel's Rubbish Bin

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A limited run podcast event that ran in the Summers of 2014 & 2015, Nigel's Rubbish Bin showcases a selection of unearthed jingles from the private stash of mp3s that never made it to the old website!



Nigel's Rubbish Bin: Season 2, Episode #3

John Neiswinger, Rachmaninoff Intro (7/17/2015)
Ace Hagan, King of Schlock (11/26/2014)
Bill Fitzgerald, Ice Ice Baby (1/12/2015)
Eric Sturr, Americans mailbag (10/27/2014)
Gill Bonner, Sunglass Hut (3/18/2015)
Jason Fuse, Lizs gloves (10/22/2014)
Michael Gavaghen, TK Jingle for Liz - Springsteen's _F (1/16/2015)
Jermaine Sanders, This Song Stinks (9/8/2014)
Steve Clementson, The Wonder of You (11/13/2014)
The Rats, rain (12/15/2014)
Tim Johnson, In The Wee Small Hours (10/7/2014)


Nigel's Rubbish Bin: Season 2, Episode #2

Mark Polydoris Intro (7/3/2014)
Brandon Bowker Earth Angel, News Anchor (2/5/2015)
Steve Merlo, We’ve Got Tonight/Can’t Drink Tonight (4/22/2015)
Barrett Hendrickson, Imagine (4/29/2015)
Neil in Rockville w/ Joe Aro, LIQUOR (6/1/2015)
Rob, Phelps (5/17/2015)
Kate Redding, Memory (6/2/2015)
Mark Bauknecht, Carville 0-5 (10/14/2014)
Mickaey Salins, Your Home (10/28/2014)
Mike Blanchette, Don't Get Fired TK (3/11/2015)
Steve Renard, Triscuits Mixdown (12/15/2014)


Nigel's Rubbish Bin: Season 2, Episode #1

Tom Heiber Cobb, instrumental (6/25/2013)
Harold Hinds, Let it Be / Eat it Jeanne (10/2/2014)
​Aven Ford, Raindrops keep falling on Tony (5/26/2015)
Dan Minahan PTI Preview, Good Lovin' (10/27/2014)
Mike Addabbo, If I had a trash can (5/29/2015)
Jason Thurman, Doctorate Degree (3/26/2014)
Paul Harelston, Ain't no grapefruit juice in Tony's Cart (10/14/2014)
Scoot Laughlin (clearly w/ Jason Fuse), Charcoal in the Shower (6/3/2015)
Scott Jendersee, I Love T.K. (11/13/2014)
Brian Lopina, Belmont Stakes (6/1/2015)
Joe Farrell, Golden Corral (6/2/2015)


Nigel's Rubbish Bin: Episode #9

Gary Braun, Intro (1992-93)
Chad Reuter, Not Getting On A Jet Plane (2/14/2014)
Joe Duchamp, Atlantic City (3/5/2014)
Mark Larson, Highway 61 Revisited (11/22/2013)
Rick Wise, Music of the Show (10/31/2013)
Harold T Hinds, Self-Titled (6/28/2013)
Lief Anderson, Satisfaction (11/19/2013)
Sharon Tuttle, Let the Mailbag Roll (10/16/2013)
Jeff Walker, Hill Street Blues (11/18/2013)
Steve Mond, Mond Mailbag (11/1/2013)
Ernie Chamberlain, The Humpty Dance (6/11/2013)
Jerry Negrelli, My Way (3/7/2014)
Joe Farrell, What’s that - a mailbag theme?? (10/30/2013)


Nigel's Rubbish Bin: Episode #8

Mark Polydoris, Intro (7/3/2014)
Jonathan Scriven, 9 to 5 Mailbag (3/5/2014)
Creg Stephenson, The Boys of Summer (9/19/2013)
Leif Anderson, Revolution (11/18/2013)
Russel Pietz, The Weight (12/10/2013)
Dan Anderson, Mailbag Theme (11/13/2013)
Jeff Alden, Mr. Tony’s Mailbag (6/17/2013)
Peter Frazen, Tony’s Mailbag (6/21/2013)
Jacquelen K 1, Shower Time (6/18/2013)
John Banusiewicz, Catch the Wind Mailbag Theme (10/17/2013)
The Rats, Witchy Woman (10/9/2013)
Patrick Moffett, Heart of Gold (10/18/2013)
Michelle Negrelli, Old and Gray (8/28/2013)
Jerry Negrelli, Cracklin’ Rosie (1/26/2014)


Nigel's Rubbish Bin: Episode #7

Jeff Negrelli, Intro (7/3/2014)
Zach Hall, Open up the Mailbag (11/5/2013)
Nick Corcorran, Subterranean Homesick Blues (10/3/2013)
Laura Freeman, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (6/17/2013)
Michael McElroy, Mama Don’t Let Your Chimps Grow Up To Be Monkeys (1/28/2014)
Josh in Moselle, MS, Let It Snow (3/17/2014)
Douglas Bevan, Bruno Mars (1/29/2014)
Ed Butt, The Man Who Begs For Toys (12/10/2013)
Jeff Alden, TK’s Mailbag #2 (10/18/2013)
Jim Curry, Chant (6/19/2013)
Michael Holdowsky, Tony’s Mailbag (6/18/2013)
Monte Stone, House of the Rising Sun / Orange Man’s Home (11/12/2013)
Kj Ohnstad, Just Pick A Winner (11/17/2013)
Jerry Negrelli, Good Riddance (11/22/2013)​


Nigel's Rubbish Bin: Episode #6

Tom Heiber Cobb, instrumental (6/25/2013)
The Turkeys, Getting Balder (3/4/2014)
Banusiewicz, Sonny and Cher (10/9/2013)
Brian Finnell, Tony’s Mailbag (9/19/2013)
David Chesney, Tony’s Mailbag (6/17/2013)
Ernie Chamberlain, Seasons in the Sun (1/27/2014)
Jeff Negrelli, Orange Haze (5/15/2014)
Blair St Amand, Tony’s Lament / Don’t Bring Me Flowers (2/21/2014)
Emery Markles, I Love TK (10/25/2013)
Richard Delisi, TK Mailbag Theme / Desperado (12/9/2013)
Orangubangs, Mailbag (6/14/2013)
Patrick Moffett, Ring of Fire (6/21/2013)
freest8r, Rihanna Stay (2/17/2014)
Roy Matthewson, Olympics for Putin (1/22/2014)
Jerry Negrelli, We Miss Junior / Hallelujah Part II (2/8/2014)


Nigel's Rubbish Bin: Episode #5

Jeff Negrelli Intro (7/3/2014)
Brandon Bowkerton, This Magic Moment (1/22/2014)
Brad Weiss, Get Lucky (2/9/2014)
Stanley Carper, Working Man Hero (11/12/2013)
Ron Council, Joy To The World (11/15/2013)
Qiyu Liu, Like A Sports Talk Host (10/9/2013)
Daniel Bullins, Norwegian Wood (12/3/2013)
Erin McGraw and Abbey Roake, Tony’s Mailbag (4/25/2013)
Jeff Robbins, Short French (12/11/2013)
Brock Babcock, Rap (5/3/2013)
J Branelly, Public Enemy Mailbag (5/1/2013)
Brian Lopina, Kornheiser’s Day (3/5/2014)
Kevin Murphy and Kj Ohnstad, My Mailbag Theme Song (10/30/2013)
Byron Cotter and John Welsh, Hurt of the Mailbag (2/28/2014)
Jason G. and Jerry Negrelli, Faxman (2/14/2014)
Shad, 1-877-FONE-4-FREE (Internet Show Edition) (11/13/2013)


Nigel's Rubbish Bin: Episode #4

Mark Polydoris, Churchy (5/19/2014)
Matt Spada, That Thing You Don’t Do (Sons of Bitches) (4/8/2014)
Travis King, TK Jingle (11/5/2013)
Aven Ford, Bad Moon Rising (6/17/2013)
Carroll Connelly/Joe Aro, Welcome to the TK Mailbag (12/3/2013)
John Price, Ruby Tuesday (10/31/2013)
Clark Lindsey, Gary Drunk (5/3/2013)
Joe Ozbalt, Chicken Mailbag (9/24/2013)
Matt French, Sgt. Tony’s Mailbag Theme (9/19/2013)
Paul Pereira, Mr. Tony ManEater (9/24/2013)
Jerry Negrelli, What Have I Done With My Life?! (6/5/2013)
Joe Aro, Mailbag State of Mind (4/5/2014)​


Nigel's Rubbish Bin: Episode #3

Jeff Negrelli Intro (7/3/2014)
Jonathan Scriven, Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word (2/19/2014)
Mark Larson, Mailbag State of Mind (9/27/2013)
Ken Barnhart, 16 Tons (5/3/2013)
Joe Farrell, Hallelujah (3/18/2014)
Jeremy Anderson, Like A Rolling Stone (2/17/2014)
Eric Sturr, End of the World Mailbag (2/14/2014)
David Burns, Tony 2 (2/7/2014)
Jeff Simon, TK Mailbag (4/30/2013)
Scott Chupak, Cheers (12/2/2013)
Jerry Negrelli, Orange (6/22/2013)


Nigel's Rubbish Bin: Episode #2

Mark Polydoris Intro (7/3/2014)
Jonathan Scriven, My Name is Phil's Mom (3/18/2014)
Brian Wendy, Santa Baby (12/9/2013)
Jake Alrich, The Christmas Song (12/23/2013)
Jason Dovel, Tony the Balding Curmudgeon / Rudolph (12/16/2013)
Patrick Irving, Tony The Showman / Frosty (12/11/2013)
Paul Kuzynski, Jingle Bells (12/9/2013)
Andy Schoener, Mashup (6/7/2013)
Paul Wade, Corno Curro Splice (4/8/2014)
Steve Lipton, Yesterday (4/30/2013)
Exit 10, TK Mailbag (6/7/2013)
Joe Aro, Eleanor Rigby (9/19/2013)


Nigel's Rubbish Bin: Episode #1

Tom Heiber Cobb, instrumental (6/25/2013)
Jeremiah Amaku, Orange, Orange Baby (4/8/2014)
Josh Cromwell, Famous Last Words (6/24/2013)
Josh Himmelsbach, Good Golly (12/13/2013)
Scott Jendersee, Into the Mystic (5/1/2013)
Jim Flynn, Life’s Been Good (11/11/2013)
Anthony Falcone, Orange Man’s Paranoia (12/3/2013)
Joe Farrell (9/16/2013)
Dustin O’Donnell, Little Miss Mailbag (11/15/2013)
Christopher Clark, Cheering (11/12/2013)
Randy Caldwell, 16 Notes (10/11/2013)
Paul Pereira, Star Wars Lounge Singer (3/12/2013)
Tom Stragner, Hey Jude (4/30/2013)​