The TK Jingles Firehose

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"The Firehose" compiles EVERY JINGLE from the previous week. It contains no banter & no filter. It's just a complete dump of all tunes into one file for your listening pleasure (or displeasure, remember, this is EVERYTHING).



August 4 - August 10, 2017

This week's episode contains:

Tony Beeson: Don Kornheiser ("The Grandfather")
joeythejammer: "Reader Of The Mail" (PLAUSIBLY LIVE, MAY 8TH, 2015)
RobertSz: At Chatter (Down Under)
Tony Beeson: Stay Classy Oreo


July 28 - August 3, 2017

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: Tony's Mailbag (Mackenzie Aro Live/2014
Brad Weiss: ABC
joeythejammer: The Greatest American Jingler
Kj Ohnstad: Watch Me Podcast Extended "Desolation of Song" Version (featuring Luke Overbey & Jason Fuse)
Jerry: Why Aren't You Open?
joeythejammer: First Place! (Moosecans Trivia Song)
Bill Barto: An Arborist (Aquarius)
Tony Beeson: La Cheeserei !!!


July 21 - July 27, 2017

This week's episode contains:

Tony Beeson: Sonmething...(for Ed Sheeran)
Jerry: Yelp!
joeythejammer: Have You Seen The Orchid? (PIGGIES)
Jerry: Where's My Pile of Cash?


July 14 - July 20, 2017

This week's episode contains:

RobertSz: I'm Old (Love Hurts)
Jerry: Move to Chatter
Jerry: Pizza Dancer
joeythejammer: Bootsy's Lullabye
andrewnprice: Your Name is Bootsie (Work in progress, would love help)
joeythejammer: Say Goodbye Blake Treinen


July 7 - July 13, 2017

This week's episode contains:

Tony Beeson: Be a Little ! - Dr. Tony 70s Era TV commercial jingle


June 30 - July 6, 2017

This week's episode contains:

Brendan In Jersey: Arcing on the Red Line (Walking on a Thin Line)
RobertSz: Can't Sleep At All (Who's Sorry Now)
Kj Ohnstad: Where Are We Now?


June 23 - June 29, 2017

This week's episode contains:

Tony Beeson: I Have a Piano Live !
Brian from Oak Hill: Camp Keeyumah Reunion
James: Jingles Will Never Die (American Pie)
Sean Morrissey: Fat Albers


June 16 - June 22, 2017

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: If You're Going to TK JINGLES...


June 9 - June 15, 2017

This week's episode contains:

Luke Overbey: TK Jingles Live (California Love) feat. Jason Fuse & Robert Berg
joeythejammer: Eggs Boilin' (White Wedding)


June 2 - June 8, 2017

This week's episode contains:

Sean Morrissey: Hello, Michael
robert berg: Over the Bay Bridge - Ft: KJ
ElliotO: Treinen ("Cryin'" - The OTHER One')
Bill Barto: A Restaurant Named Chatter (Pencil Thin Mustache)
Kj Ohnstad: Repeat (Respect)
robert berg: Wonder Woman Theme (Sexist Mad Men Edition)


May 26 - June 1, 2017

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: Come To Chatter With Me
Jason Fuse: 3DP
mrlip: Arrest (Respect)
Sean Morrissey: Doctor Kornheiser
robert berg: Wannabe
robert berg: A 3rd Reading from Tony's Diary Ft: Jason Fuse
Luke Overbey: Complicated feat. Robert Berg


May 19 - May 25, 2017

This week's episode contains:

John Fitzpatrick: Thinks He's Intellectual
Tony Beeson: Warning ! Warning ! PSA
Brendan In Jersey: Jenifer Avenue
Jason Fuse: Dating Wendy Rieger Implies
mrlip: Plausibly Live (Featuring Jason Fuse)
robert berg: I Will Always Love Luke
Tony Beeson: Hello Ovie !


May 12 - May 18, 2017

This week's episode contains:

mrlip: Plausibly (Let It Be)
Sean Morrissey: Washington (Galveston)
jimrockford6094: Ton's Got a Man Crush
Jerry: Luke Russert (Luka)
Bill Barto: Well it's Kinda Tough
Brad Weiss: Mean Mr Mustard
John Fitzpatrick: Just What I Needed [2017 edition]
RobertSz: Another Pair of Boat Shoes (Goody Two Shoes)
Tyrone Shuz: Wilbon's Chili Blues
Dylan: Signs


May 5 - May 11, 2017

This week's episode contains:

mrlip: Choking Dogs (Smelly Cat)
Dylan: That's the Sound of Choking Dogs
joeythejammer: Choking Dogs Again
joeythejammer: 50 Ways To Blow A Nats Lead
Mr. Scott Anthony: Pizza Dancer
John Fitzpatrick: Brandy [Chatter]
John Fitzpatrick: Alphabet St.
ElliotO: Aaron's Not Gonna Have Lunch
joeythejammer: Here Comes Mr. Tony's Mailbag
Tony Beeson: Pomp and Circumstance, Y'all


April 28 - May 4, 2017

This week's episode contains:

Jerry: Treinen (Crying)
Sean Morrissey: No Expectations
Byron: Flying Shirts, Talismans & Amulets (Feat. Joe Aro)
Dylan: Hey Joe (Hadeed)
robert berg: Purse Toting Man (Street Fighting Man)
mrlip: Somebody Made Him A Doctor (Somebody Get Me A Doctor)


April 21 - April 27, 2017

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: Dusty, Dusty (Your Bullpen Is A Dumpster Fire)
Kj Ohnstad: C H A T T E R S, right?
robert berg: Fat N Old (Hot N Cold)
John Fitzpatrick: Operator [That's Not The Way Liz Feels]
mrlip: Cha Cha Cha Cha Chatter (Changes)
joeythejammer: I got a (New) name
Brad Weiss: Shattered
RobertSz: Doing Yard Work (Like My Dad)
Byron: 99-percenterville (Feat. Joe Aro)


April 14 - April 20, 2017

This week's episode contains:

robert berg: Sir Luke (Sir Duke) Ft: Steve Lipton
joeythejammer: The Chokers Connection
Tony Beeson: (Not) Leaving on a Jet Plane
Brad Weiss: Palisades Park
John Fitzpatrick: The Last Time


April 7 - April 13, 2017

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: I Flew United
John Fitzpatrick: Jet Airliner
robert berg: Maroon and Black (Men In Black) Ft: Luke & Jason
Kj Ohnstad: Shop!


March 31 - April 6, 2017

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: No Myth
joeythejammer: Rockin' The Red (Full Version)
John Fitzpatrick: Darkness on the Edge of Town


March 24 - March 30, 2017

This week's episode contains:

ElliotO: Adam Isn't Breathing
Jerry: All of the Questions
geoffreytanner: "Kenbob's Over The Line"
Dylan: Born To Run (Your Team)
Byron: Blue Apron (Feat. Joe Aro)
Kj Ohnstad: This Town Stinks!
Brad Weiss: The Never-Ending Non-Isotoner Saga Mash-Up


March 17 - March 23, 2017

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: Lido Shuffle
RobertSz: Telephone Dad feat J. Aro (Telephone Line)
robert berg: Ur anus (Venus)
mrlip: Mad (Bad)
robert berg: Guacamole (Macarena) Ft; KJ & Jason
joeythejammer: Another Friendship Heights Sunday (And Monday)
robert berg: Hens (Friends) Ft: Jason Fuse
mrlip: After The Glove Is Gone (After The Love Is Gone)
mrlip: Burgers and Fries (Learning To Fly)
andrewnprice: Michael I Was Just Calling (Second version of earlier song with music)
andrewnprice: I hear a Kornheiser Coming (Ballad of the Lost Glove)


March 10 - March 16, 2017

This week's episode contains:

John Fitzpatrick: The Guests Have Yet To Come
robert berg: Abracadaver (An Ode to Florida Man Friday)
mrlip: Brackets Delight


March 3 - March 9, 2017

This week's episode contains:

mrlip: Tone Can't Keep It Together (Love Will Keep Us Together)
ElliotO: Is It Called Modal? (You Can Call Me Al)
joeythejammer: (In Pain) You'll Sing This Forever (Love Will Keep Us Together)
Luke Overbey: Lose Your Wealth (Lose Yourself)
RobertSz: Fineman! (Rawhide!)
mrlip: Gas Man (Taxman)


February 24 - March 2, 2017

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: Bridge Over TK Jingles
Mr. Scott Anthony: Cowherd Trolled Kentucky
John Fitzpatrick: I Bought Stuff From You
John Fitzpatrick: [Chuck Bell's] Out in the Street
Brad Weiss: Talk to Mr. Ed


February 17 - February 23, 2017

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: WTF A 48 Percent Increase?
Jerry: Unanswered Prayers (I Lost My Hair)
robert berg: Michigan Man (Missionary Man) Ft: KJ
joeythejammer: You Don't Play Negrelli Anymore
RobertSz: Hornaday (Vacation) feat. Jeanne Aro and Joe Aro
robert berg: Tony's Obituary (Funeral March)
Tony Beeson: There used to be a College Football Hall of Fame and Museum with an Associated High School Football Field Right Here


February 10 - February 16, 2017

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: Shaft! (2017)
Luke Overbey: Fight for your Right (to Parking) feat. Jason Fuse & Robert Berg
Jerry: Fell To The Ground, Flopped Like A Trout
Luke Overbey: He Don't Know My Language feat. Joe Aro and Robert Berg
RobertSz: The Smartest Man In Washington (Crazy Little Thing Called Love)
Sean Morrissey: Podcast Now Boy
Sean Morrissey: Tony's Clown (Mailbag Song)


February 3 - February 9, 2017

This week's episode contains:

Byron: Hit the Road Chuck (Feat. Joe Aro)
joeythejammer: It'll Always Be Chadwick's (To Me)
Jerry: A Million Reasons
Kj Ohnstad: Don't Care 'Bout Your Nation (Redux)
Brad Weiss: When I Was Seventeen
jonahinseattle: Modal or Modal?
Jason Fuse: Another Gary's Mailbag Cover
Luke Overbey: Another Day at Chad's (La La Land) feat. KJ Ohnstad & Sean Morrissey


January 27 - February 2, 2017

This week's episode contains:

OldAtHeart: Patsy Bobcat (Year of the Cat - Al Stewart)
RobertSz: Ollie The Bobcat (Frosty The Snowman)
RobertSz: Nobody Wants To Listen (Nobody Does It Better)
Sean Morrissey: Obedient Roger
John Fitzpatrick: Doctor, Professor Too (Bad Case Of Loving You)


January 20 - January 26, 2017

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: This Show Stinks
Brad Weiss: Alternative Facts!
Patrick Moffett: Elderly Man Doing a Podcast From...(Pearl Jam)
Kj Ohnstad: Fare Thee Well (What's That Smell?) ftg Jason Fuse
Kj Ohnstad: Watch Me Podcast (Drop It Like It's Hot)
Kj Ohnstad: Chug-A-Lug
Mr. Scott Anthony: You Don't Have To Outrun a Gator


January 13 - January 19, 2017

This week's episode contains:

Jeff Turner: God Only Knows What This Means With Westbrook
robert berg: I Don't Want to Wait (Theme from Dawson's Creek)
joeythejammer: I Still Can't Remember (That Other Thing)
joeythejammer: You'll Never Get An Answer From Gregg Popovich
Dougie: Countin's Easy (Take it Easy)
Jerry: Hallelujah Part XIV (What's Up, Junior?)
Matthew Dillhoff: Lament for Solstice
Brad Weiss: My Boyfriend's Back
timcree: Eating at Chadwicks (sung to Eleanor Rigby)
Jerry: Hallelujah XIII (Call Him Junior)


January 6 - January 12, 2017

This week's episode contains:

robert berg: Orange Nation Army
Sean Morrissey: 5 AM Flight to Phoenix - Flush It
Jerry: Same Every Season
joeythejammer: Chad's In Friendship Heights
Jason Fuse: Pony (Ginuwine)
ElliotO: Proud to Be a Little
John Fitzpatrick: Cheeseburgers in Friendship Heights
ericinharrisonburg: Pony Boy


December 30 - January 5, 2017

This week's episode contains:

Tony Beeson: I have an Announcement
Jerry: The End of the Inheritance
Jerry: Scenes from Mr. Tony's Restaurant
Kj Ohnstad: Gary's Mailbag ukulele cover
Brad Weiss: Bad Bad Leroy Brown
SteveBrangaccio: Tony Loves Redzone/Short
SteveBrangaccio: Tony Loves REDZONE
Jason Fuse: Gary's Mailbag a cappella cover
KevinE: Worker Man(Rocket Man)


December 23 - December 29, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Not Joe: Jingle Bells Chessie
robert berg: Bad Dad (Mony Mony) Ft: Jason Fuse
Jeff Holscher: 12 TK Sponsors (12 Days of Christmas)


December 16 - December 22, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Not Joe: Torie Clarke Has Piano
RobertSz: I Heard Tony Crush The NBA (I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus)
Brad Weiss: Father and Son
Tony Beeson: Ode to Gus Bradley
robert berg: Another Reading from Tony's Diary, Ft: Jason Fuse


December 9 - December 15, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Jerry: Change
mrlip: Hear Me, Podcast Me, Quote Me, Accurately (See Me Feel Me)
Kj Ohnstad: Sit Still & Be Quiet (Don't Worry, Be Happy)
Jerry: Towed & Compacted
cjrphd: I Have a Ukulele
Jerry: Fifteen Cents
Brad Weiss: The Xmas Song
jonahinseattle: Pick Wit' Me
robert berg: Gio (Rio)
mrlip: Kippy Survived (I Will Survive) featuring Joe Aro
Brad Weiss: Spirit in the Sky


December 2 - December 8, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Sean Morrissey: Trash People
mrlip: I Have A Piano Remix
Hampton Nager: Reggie Reggie Bet Bet
Randy Wolfenberger: Kurkjian (Suzanne)
John Fitzpatrick: All Together Now
Brad Weiss: Piano Man
mrlip: This is the Theme to the Harry's Read (This is the Theme to Garry's Show)
OldAtHeart: Tip-time at Christmas (Happy Xmas - John Lennon)
SteveErouler: Reginald's Theme
Tony Beeson: I have a Piano


November 25 - December 1, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: The Best is Yet to Come
Sean Morrissey: This is the Harry's Read
RobertSz: Socks, Socks, Socks (Rock Arond the Clock)
robert berg: 9 and 20 (Ridin' Dirty) Ft: Luke Overbey
Hampton Nager: Boo Hoo Ron Ron Ron [Jaws Walk-up]
RobertSz: Counting (Crying)
Kj Ohnstad: Alone


November 18 - November 24, 2016

This week's episode contains:

OldAtHeart: Counting by Fours (25 or 6 to 4)
Patrick Moffett: The Future (Leonard Cohen)


November 11 - November 17, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Byron: Penguin Dance (Feat. Robert Berg)
John Fitzpatrick: Blue Apron
John Fitzpatrick: NFL Is So Lame
Jerry: Lawyers are Better Than People
robert berg: Punchable Face (Poker Face)
OldAtHeart: Hallelujah (Old Guy a capella)
Jack Wright in Frederick, MD: Landed on Weiner (Cry Me a River)
ElliotO: Third-Floor Location
OldAtHeart: For Emily Wherever I may find her (for Old Guy)


November 4 - November 10, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Brian from Oak Hill: Ballad of Park Policeman
joeythejammer: New Subaru
Luke Overbey: For Mike's Mom (Fight Song) feat. KJ Ohnstad
joeythejammer: Mailbag Rocket Man (Revisited, Live "Radio" Clip)
robert berg: Senator Isiah Lord Thomas (If I Ruled the World, from the musical "Pickwick")


October 28 - November 3, 2016

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: "It is what it is..."
John Fitzpatrick: Big Bottle [Bottom]
Mr. Scott Anthony: Pictures of Reginald (Pictures of Matchstick Men)


October 21 - October 27, 2016

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: New Podcast Laws
Luke Overbey: Threw it on the Ground
John Fitzpatrick: Your Lawyers Kill The Funny
Jerry: If I Can Dream of Cillizza's Seats, Part 2
Jerry: If I Can Dream of Cillizza's Seats, Part 1
Bill Barto: Undisclosed Location
joeythejammer: Sheeman Is Gone
RobertSz: I Don't Care (Where You Do the Show)
Alex Lau: The Fineman Monster Mash II
John Fitzpatrick: Hey Wilbon [Hey Bulldog]
AriTrue: Golf Course in the Sun


October 14 - October 20, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Jerry: You Send Me (Bricks!?)
Jerry: Donna the Prima Donna (Profit!)
Brad Weiss: Feel Like a Number
mrlip: Your Bleedin' Arm (Your Cheatin' Heart)
mrlip: Can't Stop Bleeding (Been Caught Stealing)
Mr. Scott Anthony: That Fruit's Insipid (Into the Mystic)
Brad Weiss: Kokomore (updated for podcasting)
Bill Barto: Tony's Boy (Lonely Boy)
ElliotO: Your Song (Wilbon Walk-Up Edition)
ElliotO: They Gotta Be Deported
mrlip: You Ain't Seen Nothin' Net
Brad Weiss: Physical
Kj Ohnstad: Pretentious Like You
John Fitzpatrick: Tired of Watching You Lose
joeythejammer: The Nats Choke In The Playoffs


October 7 - October 13, 2016

This week's episode contains:

robert berg: Crazy Twain of Yinzers (Hazy Shade of Winter)
Brad Weiss: The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
joeythejammer: Free Health Care
John Fitzpatrick: TK Suspended Himself [Yom Kippur edition]
John Fitzpatrick: Cars [Numerology edition]
ElliotO: Addicted to Plugs
Patrick Moffett: Try Nigel Try (Beatles Cry Baby Cry)
tsulek: On The Third Floor (Chevy Chase)


September 30 - October 6, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Mike Who Lives In Omaha And Isn't Happy About It: Dead Guy In That Car
Brian from Oak Hill: I’ve Growth Accustomed to Her Voice
Jerry: Leave Chris Cillizza Alone
Jerry: As Long As We've Got Cillizza
Brad Weiss: I'm a Loser
Carroll Connelley: Maureen (why must you stab me in the eye)
joeythejammer: Stop The Run!
Mr. Scott Anthony: Is That Michael's Plate? (It's Too Late)
OldAtHeart: More License Plate talk (DK 1459 - Tony)
Mike Who Lives In Omaha And Isn't Happy About It: Michael (WR3579)
Brad Weiss: California Girls
Kj Ohnstad: Is It Tony Or Tony K? (Should I Stay Or Should I Go?)


September 23 - September 29, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Bill Barto: Podcast (Squeezebox)
RobertSz: License Plate Reader (Paperback Writer)
Jerry: A Brand New Start
Jerry: Same Old Show (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)
Zach: Brand New DC License Plates (Brand New Key)
joeythejammer: My Name Is Tony
Jason Fuse: Old So Old (Home Sweet Home)
joeythejammer: C'mon Man (Stones)
joeythejammer: You're Only Tony
Sean Morrissey: The Season's Over
robert berg: Trump (Kris Kross) Ft. Luke Overbey
Bill Barto: Your Jingle's Just Too Long
Kj Ohnstad: Dirty Bacon
robert berg: A Reading from Tony's Diary Ft. Jason Fuse


September 16 - September 22, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Sean Morrissey: Annie's (Hornaday) Song
joeythejammer: La Cheeserie (Misery/Beatles)
Luke Overbey: Toy Hall of Fame feat. Jason Fuse
robert berg: Listeria (Hysteria)
Jerry: The Chocolate Fountain of Henrico
ElliotO: Hallelujah, Part XII (The Podcast Edition)
robert berg: Everybody Burps
Bill Barto: If You Could Read A Defense
mrlip: Throw the Fade (Fade Away)
John Fitzpatrick: Faraday Cage
ElliotO: Michael Wilbon ("Let's Get It on")
Brad Weiss: Freddie's Dead
Jason Fuse: Undisclosed Location (Patience)


September 9 - September 15, 2016

This week's episode contains:

OldAtHeart: Fires (Springsteen's Ode to Samsung)
joeythejammer: Orchid's Made Of Glass (Solitary Man)
Luke Overbey: Tony Kornheiser, Man [Hamilton] "Live"
robert berg: Work Is Hard For Luke Russert (She Works Hard For The Money)
Jerry: Cable Car (Wilbon's ... wait for it... SURPRISED!)
Jason Fuse: This is the Title of the Jingle
Jerry: Tell Us About It!
John Fitzpatrick: Mustang Sally (RGIII Edition)
Not Joe: Roethlisberger...Touchdown...Unbelievable!
robert berg: Same Old Man's Gripes (Same Auld Lang Syne)
ElliotO: Michael Wilbon ("What's Going On?")
Kyle H.: Beyond D.C., feat. Joe Aro
Kj Ohnstad: Ship Sticks (Superstition)
robert berg: Rachel (Angel)
mrlip: Flexor Strain (King of Pain)


September 2 - September 8, 2016

This week's episode contains:

mrlip: Ligament Tear (Cinnamon Girl)
Brad Weiss: 7 Years
Luke Overbey: Since You've Been Gone feat. KJ Ohnstad
Alex Lau: Without Tony
Byron: Podcaster (Feat. Judofuse)
Steve Clementson: why are you back. (welcome back parody)
John Fitzpatrick: Can't Seem To Tune Into You
robert berg: Opportunities Medley (Pet Shop Boys) Ft. KJ
robert berg: Hand Dancing (Come Dancing)
Patrick Moffett: Old Crow TK Show (Wagon Wheel)
Rob Newland: Deer on the Lawn
Bill Barto: September
Jerry: Same
Jerry: Lost Show


August 26 - September 1, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Luke Overbey: 99 Problems
RobertSz: I Think I'll Start Podcasting


August 19 - August 25, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: What A Fool Believes
mrlip: With Constant Kvetching
Kj Ohnstad: Bloviate


August 12 - August 18, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Bill Barto: Hating Raju
mrlip: Say La Cheeserie (Take it Easy)
Bill Barto: If You're Out On Your Bike
John Fitzpatrick: My House
John Fitzpatrick: He's Leaving Here


August 5 - August 11, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Brian from Oak Hill: Missed Brad Weiss (Edelweiss)
Jerry: Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm (Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!)
Kj Ohnstad: Break Out The Champagne
Brad Weiss: Ramble On
Bill Barto: Yer Show Stinks
joeythejammer: Clarke-cabana
joeythejammer: Hallelujah Revisited
Jerry: Wanted To Share A High Five
mrlip: Summer Jinglin' (Summer Nights)


July 29 - August 4, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Sean Morrissey: The Continuing Ballad of The Choker
Rob Newland: Shootin' 116
Brad Weiss: (I Wanna See You Be) Brave
Rob Newland: Old Orange Bald Man with a Podcast
RobertSz: I Podcast Now (All By Myself)
mrlip: Ruined For Life (Cruel To Be Kind)
Jerry: Just To See You Die
mrlip: Money Down The Drain (Runnin' Down A Dream)
Brad Weiss: Love Yourself
Bill Barto: TK Podcast


July 22 - July 28, 2016

This week's episode contains:

John Fitzpatrick: He's Not There
Kj Ohnstad: Emmylou (Am I Screwed?)


July 15 - July 21, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: Danny's Song
Kj Ohnstad: It's Podcast Time!


July 8 - July 14, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Doug Adams: This show has not changed (Where the Streets have no name)
Jerry: I'm Gonna Need A Million Dollars
Brad Weiss: Believe it or Not
joeythejammer: Joey Negrelli? (Call Me Maybe)


July 1 - July 7, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Jerry: Only You (At The Browseabout)


June 24 - June 30, 2016

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: And So It Goes (EVEN LIVER MIX)
Jerry: Danko/Manuel '16 (Even Liver Edition)
Jerry: Goodbye, RGIII '16
Jerry: Wilbon's Thrift Shop (EXTENDED)
ElliotO: It's the End of the Show as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
Carroll Connelley: There Goes Tony's Mailbag
Carroll Connelley: Here Comes Tony's Podcast
T. Chappell Aldridge: The Donald's Face
SPNKY: The Sound Of Whinging
Brad Weiss: The River
robert berg: Holding out for Agent Zero (Bonnie Tyler)


June 17 - June 23, 2016

This week's episode contains:

robert berg: Steam (A Schvitz Song)
RobertSz: You Stink (Love Stinks)
Patrick Moffett: I Hear the Cajun Coming (Roast Verse)
Bill Barto: Two Tickets To Hamilton
OldAtHeart: DC Strangler (A Cappella - Eagles/Disco Strangler)
Jason Fuse: On My Podcast Dial (Almost Paradise) - Ft Jason Fuse
Bill Barto: Stupid Podcast (Something Stupid)
John Fitzpatrick: Sponsor Me [Cover Me]
John Fitzpatrick: The Podcast Trap
Steve Clementson: say something funny
T. Chappell Aldridge: Thank God I'm a Hamish' Mensch!
T. Chappell Aldridge: Mr Kornheiser [Mr Bojangles]
T. Chappell Aldridge: DNAngel [Teen Angel]
T. Chappell Aldridge: OJ in the Life
T. Chappell Aldridge: Shape Up Little Andy
T. Chappell Aldridge: Ashkanazi Girls [California Girls]
T. Chappell Aldridge: Crazy
T. Chappell Aldridge: Heavin' On A Jet Plane
T. Chappell Aldridge: Down On the Network [Down on the Corner]
Jason Fuse: Dairy Queen (Dancing Queen)
robert berg: The Metro (Berlin)


June 10 - June 16, 2016

This week's episode contains:

John Fitzpatrick: Shotgun [Podcast]
John Fitzpatrick: Can't Take Care of Business
Jason Fuse: Someone Sponsor My Podcast (Acoustic)
robert berg: How to Hear the Show (How to Save a Life)
Mike: Here Comes The Pod
mrlip: DC Strangler (Midnight Rambler)
joeythejammer: Dyin' Robin
Bill Barto: Podcast Now (Both Sides Now)
Jack Wright in Frederick, MD: Tony (Because)
OldAtHeart: Do-Re-Me (A Capella - The Sound of More Cash)
mrlip: Want Sponsors (Rock Lobster)


June 3 - June 9, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Kj Ohnstad: Songs That We Sing For Porthauser
NickDiPillo: The Rose
rbardon: Rip Hamilton Musical
Jerry: On My Own (+1)
Luke Overbey: Sabotage feat. Jason Fuse & Almost Robert Berg
ElliotO: Honestly
ElliotO: Socialite
Jerry: Nigel's Choice (Angels)
robert berg: Do You Wanna Have Lunch? (You're the One That I Want) Ft: Jason Fuse
Swingmonalisa: This Metro's On Fire (Girl on Fire)
John Fitzpatrick: Will Podcasting Kill The Radio Star?
ElliotO: The Smartest Man in Town
Qiyu Liu: Killing Me Orangely
Jerry: 24 Years
robert berg: Somebody Told Me (You Have a Podcast) [The Killers]
T. Chappell Aldridge: How Does It Feel?
Brad Weiss: Circle of Life
robert berg: Mozzarella (Umbrella) Ft: KJ


May 27 - June 2, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Franklin: They Came in Through the Little House Window
Kj Ohnstad: Angry All The Time
Sean Morrissey: Fawn (Go Away)
OldAtHeart: Pryin' Eyes (Lyin' Eyes)
mrlip: Fridays Off In June (Walking On The Moon)
Luke Overbey: Carville Roast Battle (Hamilton)
John Fitzpatrick: Chessie and the Fawns
Jason Fuse: Counting Out My Back Door
Jason Fuse: Doe Dropped Her Fawns on Me
Kj Ohnstad: Grandpa, please! (Papa Don't Preach)
Brian from Oak Hill: Do Re Mi
robert berg: Freaks Twitch Left and Right (Freaks Come out at Night) Ft. Jason Fuse


May 20 - May 26, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Greg Smallwood: Deer in My Backyard
OldAtHeart: Deer Arrogance (Dear Prudence)
mrlip: You Never Give Me Neil Greenburg (You Never Give Me Your Money)
Jerry: Mr. Avocado
Sean Morrissey: The Great Blue Heron
Jerry: Sloop James C
OldAtHeart: Best Messages Left Unsaid (Message in a Bottle-Police)
anneschepers: De Middag Show Jingle
anneschepers: Kampradio Gaat Door
John Fitzpatrick: Turning Into Dad [Turning Japanese]
Brad Weiss: I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke
joeythejammer: Kip Schmeeman


May 13 - May 19, 2016

This week's episode contains:

robert berg: Friday (Rebecca Black)
Jason Fuse: Cult of Mr Anthony (Cult of Personality)
DonFromCanada: Painless
Jerry: Whatever Happened to Kenny?
Brad Weiss: There is a Mountain
robert berg: The "Laser-like Fat Removal System" Song (Rebel Yell)
Sean Maguire: Removing Fat (With No Pain At All)
mrlip: Roast Carville (Solsbury Hill)
Brendan Jones: Fun Fun Fun [Till Mister Tony’s No Longer Away]
OldAtHeart: Making a Segment Out of Nothing At All
NickDiPillo: I'm Leaving on a Cruise Ship
Patrick Moffett: Kip Sheeman (Donovan, Colours)
Byron: Orchid-itis (Feat. Joe Aro)
mrlip: Even Liver
Luke Overbey: You Don't Know Dwyane feat. KJ Ohnstad
Jason Fuse: Le Cheese (Le Freak)
NickDiPillo: Your Yard is Where I'll Pee


May 6 - May 12, 2016

This week's episode contains:

T. Chappell Aldridge: The 59th Birthday Diagnosis Song (Feelin' Parkie)
Jason Fuse: Satch Keeps Track
Brendan Jones: TK Wasteland
Brendan Jones: Thursday How's Your Show
Brendan Jones: The Wizards Have No Plan
John Fitzpatrick: Twenty Ks [Glory Days]
joeythejammer: Sympathy For The Donald
Jerry: Demons (Ode to Kippy Sheman)
Sean Morrissey: Caps Choke Again (Naturally)
NickDiPillo: Two Bath Robes or No Business
Nittany "The Pooch": TROTZ TROTZ TROTZ (2016)
Kj Ohnstad: Chelsea Janes (Ya Sure You Want this Gig?)
joeythejammer: (Not) Like A Choking Dog (Dylan)
Jason Fuse: Wine by the Bottle
Luke Overbey: Straight Outta Scott Linn (Compton)
mrlip: Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Jason Fuse: At Braun Film (Girls on Film)
Brad Weiss: Downtown Train


April 29 - May 5, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: Let My People Go
Ed Butt: You Fall to Pieces
Steve Clementson: caps fan anthem (crying)
Sean Morrissey: Stop Herding This Sheep Around
joeythejammer: Coach Without A Neck
Kj Ohnstad: Fields of Gold
Brad Weiss: Cake By The Ocean
Patrick Moffett: The Orchid on the Mound II (Featuring John Neiswinger and Jason Fuse)
John Fitzpatrick: Chessie's Herd
ShanefromPhilly: Skate Oddity
Brian from Oak Hill: The TK Man Bedtime Story (Sam I Am)
Brian from Oak Hill: Kornheiser's Day
Brian from Oak Hill: Help!
mrlip: Name
Brad Weiss: What is This Feeling (Loathing)
Kj Ohnstad: Youth of the Nation (Don't Care 'Bout Your Nation)


April 22 - April 28, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Tucker: Same Day Jingle BOOM
Alex Lau: Get Out, Get Out (A Farewell to Kevin Sheehan)
happy_Blaise: Read Some Signs, Rockville Pike
Jerry: Tell Michael It's Raining!!!
John Fitzpatrick: Yanks of '27 (Tears in Heaven)
joeythejammer: Memes and Meta
robert berg: Meta-Jingle (Ain't Nobody Got Time For That)
mjustin24: Sheehan Go Away (Chicago - Look Away)
mrlip: Meta Memes and Emojis (Lawyers Guns and Money)
Byron: Isn't He Grumpy (Feat. Joe Aro)
Brad Weiss: Old Time Rock & Roll
judofuse: Choking is the Caps Move
Carroll Connelley: Prince Tribute - Gretchen Wu to Purple Rain
joeythejammer: Tracks Of The Orchid
ElliotO: Dayenu (Mr. Tony edition)
mrlip: Mike Brady Beret (Raspberry Beret)


April 15 - April 21, 2016

This week's episode contains:

judofuse: What a Shot (What I Got)
Dylan: Michelle
John Fitzpatrick: Scrappy Together
Jerry: Bill Lehecka
Jerry: Tony's Restaurant
LeachJus: Hurt (Wizards Edition)
RobertSz: Ask For Harley (to Live and Let Die)
Byron: Tony's A Sheep (Feat. KJ & Eva Cotter)
mrlip: Headphones (Head Games)
robert berg: Scott Linn's Newsman Audition (Jack Sparrow, The Lonely Island) Ft: Luke Overbey & Jason Fuse
Luke Overbey: Tony Kornheiser, Man (Hamilton) ft. Jason, Robert, KJ, & John F.
Jeff: Like the Weather
judofuse: Charcoal Son (Black Hole Sun)
mrlip: Tried Shots of Estrogen (I Shot the Sheriff)
ElliotO: David ("Memory")
Steve Clementson: old man (orangeman)


April 8 - April 14, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: You Never Can Tell
cjs1989: Abbe Lowell Knocked You Out
Swingmonalisa: B$%&! (Brick)
Glen: Somewhere La Cheeserie
Jerry: Brick (for Chester)
robert berg: Kevin Is Dead to Us (Over My Head)
joeythejammer: I'm Up In My JetPack Now
Jerry: It Wasn't Me (La Cheeserie)
mrlip: Mojitos (At Half Price)
John Fitzpatrick: Runaway
Dylan: Come On, Man (What Are We Doing Out There, Man?)
judofuse: Washington Post (Whipping Post)
Dylan: He's Darrell Landon
Luke Overbey: I Wish (I Was Balder)


April 1 - April 7, 2016

This week's episode contains:

mrlip: Rob’s Notebook (Wild Horses)
Jerry: Chessie, Part II
Brian from Oak Hill: Jingles Nervous Breakdown
Brian from Oak Hill: Belmont Stakes
Brad Weiss: Everyday I Write The Book
Sol: In Da Club
Sol: Belding Jordan Speet


March 25 - March 31, 2016

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: Wonderpaw
itsnatanuber: Paranoid
Brianfc: Funeralize
Brad Weiss: Tainted Love
robert berg: Who Am I (Snoop)
Bill Barto: Mister Tony (Killer Queen)
mrlip: (Don't) Ask Mr. Tony Questions
Sean Morrissey: Prop Me on the Counter (Rock Me on the Water)
judofuse: iSledgehammer
joeythejammer: In-cognizant Minds
Brian from Oak Hill: Password TV Game Show
Kj Ohnstad: He's Droning On (It's Raining Men)
Dylan: At the Palm


March 18 - March 24, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Tyrone Shuz: The Ballad Of Barry Sverluga
judofuse: Sheep (Creep)
Brad Weiss: I'm Only Sleeping
Jerry: Keep Food Separated (Come Out And Play)
Jerry: Last Kiss (Elsewhere in the NHL)
robert berg: My Goat Milk (My Milkshake) Ft. KJ
Jerry: Escape (The Antibiotics Song)
John Fitzpatrick: Sometimes When Foods Touch
joeythejammer: Stairway To 7-11
Rich Oettinger: Tk Jingles In My Mind (RSVP Regrets)
Bill Barto: Go To Bed (Turn Me On)
John Fitzpatrick: Busted
Brian from Oak Hill: Uber (Sung to Taxi)
Not Joe: Find A Dog


March 11 - March 17, 2016

This week's episode contains:

itsnatanuber: Not-So Super Tony
happy_Blaise: Phil's Mom Picks Markwette
ElliotO: Man! I Feel Like Wilbon!
ElliotO: Littles Anthem
Steffi Rubin: What's Your Show for Thursday? to the tune of Goodbye Ruby Tuesday
Kj Ohnstad: Get That Fiat Off The Road
Brian from Oak Hill: Phobia
Jerry: Learn To Write
robert berg: (This Copy's) Bad
Jeff Holscher: Listen to the Show ('Listen to Your Heart' by Roxette)
mrlip: One Job
Hampton Nager: The Most Interesting Man In The World (feat. Joe Aro)
Shad: 1-877-Brand New Dog


March 4 - March 10, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Jeff Holscher: Matthew Keliher ('When I'm Sixty-four' by the Beatles)
Anita in Alaska: Oy! Vey!
Kj Ohnstad: I Can't Make This Stuff Up (I Can't Make You Love Me)
Sean Morrissey: Brooks Laich is Gone (Walk Like a Man)
Bill Barto: Call Me Nigel
joeythejammer: Mr. Ton' (Mr. Jones)
Jerry: Chessie
mrlip: Chessie (Jesse)
Steffi Rubin: Richard Justice (to the tune of Johnny Angel)
Swingmonalisa: Ruffalo (New Age Girl)
robert berg: Working for Sheehan (Looking for Freedom)
Brad Weiss: Hotline Bling
Anita in Alaska: Oh, Chessie
Luke Overbey: The Jingleprint
mrlip: Five To One


February 26 - March 3, 2016

This week's episode contains:

mrlip: Blurb On The Cover (Smoke On The Water)
Brad Weiss: One is the Loneliest Number
John Fitzpatrick: Wreck on the Highway
Jerry: Teach Me To Schvitz!
joeythejammer: Franchise Money (Mountain Music)
John Welsh: What'd I Eat? (No goat)
Brian from Oak Hill: It's Trump's Party
Brian from Oak Hill: Kornheiser Oddity
Jerry: Jet Song
Jerry: Live Oak
Jerry: Do It Again
Hampton Nager: Google Bus (Feat. Jason Fuse)
robert berg: Junior's On! (Junior's Farm)
Brad Weiss: Movin' On Up!
Justin Bruno: I Can't Help Laughing at Chimps in Suits


February 19 - February 25, 2016

This week's episode contains:

John Fitzpatrick: Meeting Across The River
Steve Clementson: the wonder of you
Dr. Rob: Don't let a Cow Fall Down on Me
itsnatanuber: Life on the PTI Show?
robert berg: Shilling in the Name (Rage)
mrlip: Pooch (Hooch)
RobertSz: This Show Has Got A Hold On Me?
Sean Morrissey: I Want A New Dog (I Want A New Drug)
joeythejammer: Puppy (That's What I Want!)
mrlip: Three Dogs You've Buried (Three Times A Lady)
judofuse: She Watched the Wind
Steve Clementson: moody jew (moody blues)
Luke Overbey: I'll Be Missing You, Beatrice feat. KJ Ohnstad
mrlip: Hall of Fame (You're So Vain)
ElliotO: The Rose (Mr. Tony Edition)
Brad Weiss: Shama Lama Ding Dong
Bill Barto: It Had To Be Wu
CodyHoyt: On A Pontoon Boat (Gilligan's Island)
cjs1989: North to Bethesda


February 12 - February 18, 2016

This week's episode contains:

mrlip: Hollywood Life (Hollywood Nights)
robert berg: Beatrice (Angie)
Byron: Are You From My High School (Feat. Joe Aro)
Sean Morrissey: The Orchid (Catch The Wind)
Mike: For Littles' Mirth (For What It's Worth)
Jerry: Fix You (Music To Kill Yourself By)
Anita in Alaska: Free Stuff (Girl Crush)
Brad Weiss: Drive My Car
John Fitzpatrick: How Long
Steffi Rubin: Barry Svrluga (Lady Madonna)
Carroll Connelley: Gretchen Woo
Swingmonalisa: What I got (Them That Got)
Jeff Holscher: Tony's Xanax


February 5 - February 11, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Swingmonalisa: I Live in the Suburbs (Rockin' the Suburbs)
joeythejammer: When's The Show Back On?
Brian from Oak Hill: Message to Michael
Bill Barto: Hadid Carpet Line
mrlip: He Wants Wu ( Et tam gravi)
Jerry: Reason Not To Leave Gretchen Wu
John Fitzpatrick: Tony's Dead Airtime/Life During Wartime
mrlip: Kinkajou (Sung Song Blue)
Jerry: Gretchen Bleepin' Wu
Brad Weiss: Tiny Dancer
Patrick Moffett: Incoherent State (Comfortably Numb)


January 29 - February 4, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Sean Morrissey: A Person of the Fork
Dylan: Hey Hey He's a Monkey
stan.longhofer: Have Patience! (based on Herbie the Snail from the Music Machine).
judofuse: Hard to Travel with Me Man (Travelin' Band)
mrlip: Hotel With Two Bathrobes (Hotel California)
joeythejammer: Pilot of The Airplane (Airwaves)
Brian from Oak Hill: Tony's Final Frontier
pfergmuncie: Going to Frisco
Jerry: Mr. Tony & You (Whiskey and You)
Luke Overbey: China (People Everyday) feat. Jason Fuse
Mike: Bye, Bye Eggs
Swingmonalisa: Vote for Mr. Sexwale (Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?)
itsnatanuber: Hello (On Behalf of Gretchen Wu and Myself)
Dylan: Aren't You Really a Republican?
Jerry: Why Tony Why
Kj Ohnstad: A Teaspoon of Cinnamon
Sean Morrissey: Tony's Going to San Francisco
robert berg: Common People (Pulp)
Rich Oettinger: Revenant Style (Gangnam Style Parody) feat. Jason Fuse
Brad Weiss: One Week
joeythejammer: Dedicated Forecaster Of Winter
Charlie Harless: Bone China On His Mind


January 22 - January 28, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Patrick Moffett: Dr. Ruben (The Beatles)
judofuse: Cook That Pho in a Shovel
Brian from Oak Hill: Bad Bone China
Neil From Rockville: Plowman
judofuse: Snow Shovel Anthem (Party Rock Anthem)
Jerry: His Life
steven maloney: I'm Gonna Freeze (900 Miles ...) (...-60)
John Fitzpatrick: You've Got A Friend [Snow Had To End]
judofuse: Howard the Intergalactic Fineman
joeythejammer: Sheehan Boys (Jessie's Girl)
Sean Morrissey: Shovel Snow With Care (Handle With Care)
Patrick Moffett: Well Respected Former Writer (Featuring Jason Fuse)
Brad Weiss: Immigrant Song
Kj Ohnstad: Too Much Snow
Jerry: Bone Means Bone (One of Us)
judofuse: People Get Ready


January 15 - January 21, 2016

This week's episode contains:

robert berg: You're Gonna Die Soon! (Sarah Silverman)
T. Chappell Aldridge: Buffalo Snowstorm [Buffalo Soldier]
judofuse: The Freshmen
Sean Morrissey: Prius Driver (Eye of The Tiger)
mrlip: Prius Stallin' (Free Fallin')
Ernie: Snowmageddon Freakout (to the tune of Ridin' the Storm Out)
joeythejammer: Snow (I See You Falling)
mrlip: Plates Make Me Freak (Eight Days A Week)
Brothershamus: Own Your Fish Tray
Jack Wright in Frederick, MD: Avocado (Desperado)
Brothershamus: Of My Life
Shad: 1-877-Smell Like Vlad
mrlip: Got Rubbish (Hot Blooded)
joeythejammer: New Storm In Town
joeythejammer: Silly Forecasts
Swingmonalisa: Beat it (Beat it)
robert berg: Putin on the Spritz
Kj Ohnstad: All A Buncha Junk
judofuse: Intergalactic Howard Fineman (Folk Era)
Rich Oettinger: (Ebola) Won't Break Out Again - The Who Won't Get Fooled Again Parody
John Fitzpatrick: How To Forget
Brad Weiss: Give it Away
judofuse: Big Empty
mrlip: Proud Tony (Proud Mary)


January 8 - January 14, 2016

This week's episode contains:

Jerry: Iris (Hoarders Edition)
Brad Weiss: Feed the Birds (tribute to Anomalisa)
mrlip: And Still This Show Stinks (And Your Bird Can Sing)
robert berg: Junk (Jump)
Swingmonalisa: Tony (Michelle)
joeythejammer: House Of The Hoarding Son
Not Joe: Rogers...Touchdown...Unbelievable!
mrlip: Tony In Disguise For Retirement
mrlip: The Choker (The Joker)
judofuse: The Choker (Acoustic)
judofuse: While Gretchen Wu Gently Weeps
judofuse: The Greatest Moment (This Magic Moment)
Jerry: Mr. Tony In Disguise
ElliotO: Aaron Raised His Game
Brad Weiss: Workin' My Way Back to You
Dylan: Rock the Red
Jerry: The Greatest Moment in DC Sports History
Sean Morrissey: The Wind & Ovi's 500th Goal (The Wind & 500 Miles)
T. Chappell Aldridge: Let's Skip This Flight Together [Featuring mrlip doing all the parts]
Archibald Negrelli: In The Great War Now


January 1 - January 7, 2016

This week's episode contains:

robert berg: A Monkey Tries to Drive a Bus (Another One Bites the Dust)
Byron: Nigel's Bad Day (Feat. Joe Aro)
Brad Weiss: Close to Wu (Starring Kjerstin O.)
Dean: Thank You for Laughing at Death
joeythejammer: When I'm 84
Brad Weiss: The Letter
Patrick Moffett: Things to do in Florida when you're dead (Featuring Jason Fuse and John Neiswinger)
Jerry: It's Cleveland, Here We Go Again (Leaving On A Jet Plane)
robert berg: Fight The Power
ElliotO: These Are the "Champions"


December 25 - December 31, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Bill Barto: Gretchen Wu Mail (Makin' Whoopee)
Bill Barto: Don't Eat At The Subway
T. Chappell Aldridge: BANDWAGON [Day Tripper]
T. Chappell Aldridge: Huckabee's in Eighth ['enery the VIII]
joeythejammer: Josie (Steely Dan)
Not Joe: Golden Corral Coupon
joeythejammer: WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS
T. Chappell Aldridge: The Drummer Boy
T. Chappell Aldridge: Born to Pun (or It's Pretty Slow 'Round These Parts When Mr. Tony Takes Vacation)


December 18 - December 24, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: Prove it All Night - Live in Madison Square Garden
mrlip: Kornheiser (Tom Sawyer)
judofuse: Mr Tony's Email Bag
ElliotO: You Like That!
David Ziff: The Baboon Gambler
Kj Ohnstad: O Holy Sh%*
joeythejammer: God Bless You Please, Mr. Porthouser
Brad Weiss: Home at Last
robert berg: As The Wu Turns (Speak Softly, Love - from The Godfather)
John Fitzpatrick: Cars
judofuse: Bonum Diem Natalis Jesu
John Fitzpatrick: FM [No Static At All]
Kj Ohnstad: White Christmas (in Florida)
Brad Weiss: Gloria in Excelsis Deo
revschaef: Have Yourself a Merry Littles Christmas


December 11 - December 17, 2015

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: Off Of Work (Dirty Work)
Jerry: Mr. Tony's Neighborhood
Jerry: One
Dr. Rob: Beautiful Baboon (Up, Up and Away)
ElliotO: Gretchen Wu
Sean Morrissey: Holtby (Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me)
joeythejammer: Things He Said Today
ElliotO: The Second City
Rich Oettinger: Monkeys and Fear (Reelin' in the Years)
mrlip: Gretchen Wu
mrlip: Cillizza (Godzilla)
joeythejammer: Yesterday
Narr6: 12 Days of TK
Brad Weiss: Santa Baby
OldAtHeart: A Miserable Man (An Innocent Man - Billy Joel)
Luke Overbey: Christmas in Rockville feat. Robert Berg & Jason Fuse


December 4 - December 10, 2015

This week's episode contains:

judofuse: Mr. Greenberg
mrlip: Tony Don't Lose That Chicken
robert berg: Mr. Telephone Man
T. Chappell Aldridge: Man of the Year
John Fitzpatrick: Wrap It Up
Brad Weiss: Doctor Wu (pt 3 of the transcontinental email ballad)
Thomas Dziura: Island Cruise for Two
Sean Morrissey: Another Day In The Life of a Redskin Fan
Kj Ohnstad: These Glutes Aren't Made For Golfing
judofuse: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - Ft. Kjulie Andrews
Brian from Oak Hill: Charlie and Gretchen’s Relationship Takes a Turn
Jerry: My City of Ruins (DeSean, What Were You Doing?)
ElliotO: O-Fer the Road
mrlip: Brick Toss (Brick House)
Bill Barto: Baboonland
Kj Ohnstad: Get Off My Lawn
T. Chappell Aldridge: The Chipmooks (Christmas Don't Be Late)
mrlip: Beg (Peg)
Swingmonalisa: Droning Eyes (Private Eyes)
Brian from Oak Hill: The Tony Kornheiser Hanukkah Song
robert berg: Happy Birthday, Courtney (Pour Some Sugar on Me)


November 27 - December 3, 2015

This week's episode contains:

SPNKY: Jewish In Blue Jeans
joeythejammer: Kevin
Sean Morrissey: Only On This Show (Only In Your Heart)
mrlip: Kevin's White Christmas Brought To You By KFC
Jerry: I-95 (I Will Survive)
Sean Morrissey: Bagel City - (In The City)
joeythejammer: How Much Snow, How Much Snow, How Much Snow???
mrlip: Hey Wendy (Hey Nineteen)
mrlip: Hey Wendy (Hey Nineteen)
Brad Weiss: First Time, Long Time
mrlip: Buy Deck Shoes (My Old School)
Brad Weiss: Please Please Me
judofuse: The Ballad of Charlie and Gretchen - Pt. 1
John Fitzpatrick: Jumpin' Jack Flash [Kevin's Forecast]
joeythejammer: Playoffs???
Brad Weiss: The Rain in Spain
Byron: Winter is the End (Feat. Judofuse)
Shad: 1-877-STUK-AT-NIGELS
John Fitzpatrick: (Mr. Tony's Gonna Buy More) Deck Shoes
geezertaz: THE BANDWAGON
OldAtHeart: Squirrel's Caught in a Trap (Suspicious Minds - Elvis)
Swingmonalisa: Part of His World (Part of Your World - ft. Lauren)
T. Chappell Aldridge: "HAD A JOB"
robert berg: Buying Cheap Houses (Pink Houses)
T. Chappell Aldridge: The Night They Drove Young Romo Down
John Fitzpatrick: Only A Fool Would Say That
John Fitzpatrick: My Waze


November 20 - November 26, 2015

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: The TK Thanksgiving Song
mrlip: Rob Berg's Ringtone
mrlip: Welcome To The Mailbag
Bill Barto: You Know Why
Alex Lau: Let's Talk About Weather (Let's Talk About Sex)
Kj Ohnstad: What'd you think? (It's Your Thing)
Sean Morrissey: Island Cruise For Two (Islands In the Stream)
John Fitzpatrick: Blackbird (for KJ's B-day)
ElliotO: Learn to Run
Brocephus: Ballad of the Occoquan (Ballad of the Alamo)
T. Chappell Aldridge: "HERE WE COME' [theme from the Monkees]
judofuse: Steve Wrote One For Me (Seven Nation Army)
T. Chappell Aldridge: The Immigration Blues [Hesitation Blues] [for Uriel Casas]
judofuse: Orange (Black)
John Fitzpatrick: Do It Again
John Fitzpatrick: Hey Grandpa [Pinehurst edition]


October 23 - October 29, 2015

This week's episode contains:

T. Chappell Aldridge: Fan Duel [Downtown]
Byron: Quiet Ride (Feat. Judofuse)
The Acolytes of Smaug: This Is From Hunger (Hunger Strike)
T. Chappell Aldridge: For Nigel [For No One]
mrlip: Don't Know Why
John Fitzpatrick: TK Suspended Himself
robert berg: Robert Griffin Superstar (Jesus Christ Superstar)
mrlip: It's Carcinogenical (But I Like It)
joeythejammer: Red Meat Scare! (She's Not There)
John Fitzpatrick: Shush
mrlip: Let's Call The Whole Thing Off
judofuse: Blinded by Pyrite
Brad Weiss: Spill the Wine


October 16 - October 22, 2015

This week's episode contains:

ElliotO: Who's Eddie Vedder, Man?
robert berg: Monkey University Fight Song
Jeff H.: Duda Duda The Billy Goat Curse (Camptown Races)
judofuse: Venus
judofuse: Tony's Impossible Lunch (The Impossible Dream)
joeythejammer: Those Were The Days
Jerry: We Did Some Time (Back in Time)
robert berg: This Is Harrowing (This Is Halloween, from Nightmare Before Christmas) Ft: Judofuse
mrlip: Monkey School Dropout (Beauty School Dropout)
Jerry: Wilbon's World (ft. Michelle)
Patrick Moffett: Throw it in the Wind (Bob Dylan)
Kj Ohnstad: Let Michael Know
judofuse: Stonehenge
Brad Weiss: Tenth Avenue Freeze Out
joeythejammer: Empty Feeling (Hey Kirk Cousins)
John Fitzpatrick: As Jets Run By
OldAtHeart: Uber (based on Vehicle - Ides of March)
alexcobb316: Act Fearlessly
joeythejammer: You'll Hear About It Tomorrow


October 9 - October 15, 2015

This week's episode contains:

robert berg: Most of Your Lifetime [Is Gone] (Once in a Lifetime)
mrlip: Call Me Owl (Call Me Al)
joeythejammer: Yester-me, Yester-you, Yester-Tony
Jerry: All Of Me
Byron: Socialite (Dynamite) Feat. Judofuse
ElliotO: Shad!
Kj Ohnstad: Strangest Stance of All
joeythejammer: Subway Gift Card
joeythejammer: (That's Just) So Redskins
Hoff_in_Chi: Barry Barry (Cherry Cherry)
Steve in Alexandria: This Show's So Bad
John Fitzpatrick: Night Moves [Kirk's Move]
Brad Weiss: Doctor My Eyes
robert berg: Hall & Oates, HALL OF FAMERS! - For Liz (You Make My Dreams)
Brad Weiss: Time of the Season
Jerry: This Is The Night (The Intern's First Day)
mrlip: Drive


October 2 - October 8, 2015

This week's episode contains:

John Fitzpatrick: Someone Get Me Off This Jury
LSBakerJr: Talking Small and Playing Big (Breaking Up is Hard to Do) (feat. Arnie Lou Baker)
joeythejammer: Cryin' At Nats Park (Dancing In The Dark)
mrlip: Guns, Guns, Guns (Fun, Fun, Fun)
mrlip: He Didn't Say That (You Can't Do That)
Nick: Hot Chicken
Brad Weiss: From Me to You
Not Joe: Color My Wilbon World
robert berg: Aaron Sorkin High (Rocky Mountain High)
mrlip: Read Along Softly (Killing Me Softly)
Hampton Nager: Twenty Blocks For $64 (Twenty-Five Or Six To Four) Feat. John Fitzpatrick & George Michael
mrlip: Uber Black (Back In Black)


September 25 - October 1, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: You Are Like a Hurricen
steven maloney: I've Been Working My Way Back to Euro (ft. Joe Aro)
joeythejammer: Ride With Uber
James: Boiling Eggs
Brian from Oak Hill: New York Mining Disaster 1941
robert berg: Tell Michael There's A Hurricane (Rock You Like A Hurricane)
Jerry: Photograph
Kj Ohnstad: I Show Up for Bruce and Bagels
mrlip: Your Spouse (Our House)
cjs1989: Long Tall Treinen
judofuse: It's a Clown Show Bro
mrlip: Where is My Ring Now? (Who Can It Be Now?)
Luke Overbey: Wooden Story (Love Story) feat. KJ Ohnstad
Mike: Tony, What Did I Do?
robert berg: Dead Man Coaching (Dead Man's Party)
John Neiswinger: The Papelbon Scuffle (Super Bowl Shuffle)
joeythejammer: National Misunderstanding (Strangle You Mix)
John Welsh: (Carville) Feels Just Like Caitlyn
Brad Weiss: Try to Remember
Kj Ohnstad: OK I get that he is the Pope


September 18 - September 24, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Byron: Compensation (Feat. John Fitzpatrick)
robert berg: Last Friday's Show (Last Friday Night)
joeythejammer: MATT JONES (Featuring Jason Fuse)
judofuse: The Ballad of Ann Hornaday
Jerry: Groovin' (Reunion!)
joeythejammer: I Wanna Go Back
Patrick Moffett: A Few of Us in the Bullpen (The Beatles)
mrlip: Sunny-n-75 (Stayin' Alive)
Brad Weiss: Please Mr Postman
Brad Weiss: Breakdown
John Fitzpatrick: Road Rage Is All Around
Jerry: Hallelujah XI (We Trust Junior)
Kj Ohnstad: Barratuna
mrlip: Wearing Jeans (Billie Jean)
joeythejammer: Someone Has Been Tampering In My Studio
robert berg: Computer Debacle Song (Endless Love/Never Gonna Give You Up) Ft. KJ & Jason Fuse


September 11 - September 17, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: And Then He Kissed Me - featuring Kj Ohnstad
judofuse: He's Not 36 Pants Size
mrlip: Not Shopping at Whole Foods (Tangled Up In Blue)
John Neiswinger: I am Donald the Trump (King of New York)
joeythejammer: These Things That I Say
Brian from Oak Hill: Chuck Todd Jingle (King Tut)
Luke Overbey: I'm Walkin' (The Fitbit Song) feat. Robert Berg
John Welsh: Yom Kippur Breakfast
Jerry: The River (Back to Virginia)
mrlip: Tuna in Water (Buddy Holly)
John Fitzpatrick: This Week's Special Teams Breakdown
Kyle H.: Another 'Skins Quarterback (Feat. Judofuse)
judofuse: Cillizza Loves Starship
Jerry: I Guess Now We're Just Jingling The News
mwmonsen: Soon They'll Both Be Fired
robert berg: Eye of the Black Bear
John Fitzpatrick: His Name Is Jerry
John Fitzpatrick: Drew Broke His Thumb
judofuse: Time (wasted)


September 4 - September 10, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: Get Off of My Cloud
mrlip: Careless Chipshot (Careless Whisper)
Kyle H.: That's What the Mailbag's For (feat. Kjerstin Ohnstad)
joeythejammer: A Day In The Race
mrlip: Stay
Luke Overbey: I'm on a Boat feat. Rob [Sam]Berg and J-Pain
Bill Barto: Spinnin' Wheel
Brad Weiss: You Made Me So Very Happy
Hampton Nager: Deflatin' By Himself (Feat. John Fitzpatrick)
John Fitzpatrick: White Rabbit - starring Kjersten Ohnstad
Shad: 1-877-PHLO-RI-DA
Bill Barto: Don't Wanna Die (And When I Die)
joeythejammer: The Ballad Of KIRK


August 28 - September 3, 2015

This week's episode contains:

John Neiswinger: I See the Signs (I Saw the Sign)
John Neiswinger: Will Tony Work Blue? (Blonde over Blue)
geoffreytanner: "Bears!"
mrlip: Casey Janssen (Casey Jones)
rob: Window Nation (Rhythm Nation)
judofuse: We Built Bagel City
Luke Overbey: My Name Is
judofuse: Red Wedding
joeythejammer: Back On My Radio Show (BACK IN THE USSR)
mrlip: RG3 (A Draft Oddity)
mrlip: Kirk Cousins (Glass Onion)
judofuse: Summer in the S#%*ty
Kj Ohnstad: Here Comes Tony Again
Luke Overbey: I'm the Best Around feat. Judofuse
joeythejammer: Mister Tony's Back On
judofuse: I Want My Tony Back
judofuse: Back to Yack
Jerry: Four Years of RGIII (Money for Nothing)
Byron: Finally Home From Rehoboth (Feat. Joe Aro)
John Fitzpatrick: On Air Again, Finally
rob: Call Him Boogie (Jungle Boogie)
Bill Barto: The Show's Back On (The Beat Goes On)
mrlip: Whole Lotta Tony
Jerry: I Just Work Here (Wish You Were Here, ft. judofuse)
mrlip: Miss You


August 21 - August 27, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Bill Barto: Washington (Leningrad)
Kyle H.: Uptown Ton' (Feat. Joe Aro)
joeythejammer: LET IT BE (OH DEAR GOD) LIVE JULY 2, 2015 (LAST SHOW)
Jerry: Best of You (RGIII!)
joeythejammer: You Can Tell Everybody (LIVE SHOW CLIP 6-29-15)
rob: One of the Washington Mystics (Into The Mystic)
Brad Weiss: Jet!
joeythejammer: Tony's On With Negrelli
judofuse: QB Concussion
Kj Ohnstad: Tony's Mail (Holy Grail)
Luke Overbey: Intergalactic Howard Fineman (Cover Version)


August 14 - August 20, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: I Want to Tell You
judofuse: Tony Called In (London Calling)
Jerry: We Did Some Time (Time After Time)
rob: In Da Club
Patrick Moffett: Summer Song (The Elected ft. Kj Ohnstad on the Uke)
judofuse: Roundabout (Acoustic)
John Fitzpatrick: Love Her Madly [Nats Are Tanking, Sadly]
ElliotO: The Day the Delay Died (Full Length)


August 7 - August 13, 2015

This week's episode contains:

John Neiswinger: United States of Kornheiser (United States of Eurasia)
John Neiswinger: All You Ever do is Kvetch (All You Wanna do is Dance)
Brad Weiss: All You Need is Love
Jerry: 24 Days
Brad Weiss: Free Man in Paris


July 31 - August 6, 2015

This week's episode contains:

judofuse: The Chuck Bell Way (Beautiful Day)
Jerry: Move On (or How to Forecast Like Chuck Bell)
Jerry: Thunder Snow
judofuse: Loyal (Cover Version)
John Fitzpatrick: Bald and Uninformed [Cover Version]
Kj Ohnstad: Get Lucky (Cover version)
Kj Ohnstad: Imagine (Cover version for the 7/22/15 TK jingles prodcast)
judofuse: Sweet Cillizza (Melissa)
joeythejammer: Closer To The Start
Bill Barto: It's Only Rocky Road (But I Like It)
rob: Even Now


July 24 - July 30, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Jerry: Babble On
rob: Pontoon Boat (The Love Boat)
John Fitzpatrick: Danny Boy [for Carroll Connelley]
joeythejammer: Goodnight Saigon (A Marine Retires) For Carroll


July 17 - July 23, 2015

This week's episode contains:

John Fitzpatrick: Gary and the Math
John Neiswinger: Stars (blasphemous cover) - OG Judo Fuse
John Fitzpatrick: Love is All Around [MTM Theme]
judofuse: In the Air Tonight
joeythejammer: Rehoboth Beach
joeythejammer: I Go Crazy (Mid-Summer's Lament)
Brad Weiss: Working Class Hero


July 10 - July 16, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Jerry: Everything I See!
Jerry: B*tch Like Mr. Tony (Extended Edition)
judofuse: Frito Lay - Part 1 (allegedly)
joeythejammer: Yakkin' On ESPN (Brad Weiss Cover)
Kj Ohnstad: Why Do You Have to Wreck My Songs? (A Non-Little's Lament)
judofuse: 99 Dollars (99 Problems)
judofuse: I'm Gonna Eat a Dorito (In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida)


July 3 - July 9, 2015

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: ANDY
judofuse: Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You
Kj Ohnstad: Bonnie Gets It Done
Brad Weiss: Orange Dog
Kj Ohnstad: Trekkies


June 26 - July 2, 2015

This week's episode contains:

johndbass: Home Depot Dan (There'll Be No Show)
Dave Mann: How Can I Get My Name On The Air?
joeythejammer: Have A Good Time
Qiyu Liu: Mister Tony (Mickey Mouse Club theme)
Hampton Nager: Book Me
Brad Weiss: Just My Imagination
John Neiswinger: Closer to the Purple Line (Closer to the Borderline)
Brennan: Landslide into Summer
Carroll Connelley: So Long, Old Sport
Stationary Littleburys: Around the World (We Are the Littles)
rob: The ESPYs Acquits (Puttin' on the Ritz)
John Neiswinger: What's this brouhaha? (Where's the Orchestra?)
judofuse: The Rambler (2015)
judofuse: Jingles Live (Long Train Running)
rob: Super G - Ft. Judofuse (Superfreak)
Luke Overbey: The Metro's Purple Line (Gangsta's Paradise) feat. Judofuse
Jerry: Big Shock!
joeythejammer: And You Can Tell Everybody, You Stayed Up Past 9
Brad Weiss: If You Know What I Mean
John Fitzpatrick: Tony, Don't Leave Us Hanging
Brian from Oak Hill: Jingles Night Jingle
rob: Bryce Won't Sign (Boys Don't Cry)
Jerry: Tony in the Crowd at Kilroys (Lucy in the Sky)
rob: Let's GO, Lady! (Let's Go Crazy)
mrlip: Let's Go


June 19 - June 25, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Dylan: Purple Line
Patrick Moffett: God Only Knows (What We'll Do Without You)
geezertaz: AIN'T NO JINGLES (A parody of 'Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers
judofuse: Losing All Your Hair - Unplugged...
rob: Balding Jordan Spieth (Rolling in the Deep)
mwmonsen: Nats Are Playoff Dreamin' (Remix)
mwmonsen: Nats Are Playoff Dreamin'


June 12 - June 18, 2015

This week's episode contains:

mrlip: Take It To Rehobeth (Take It To The Limit)
rob: Bob - A Cliffie Song (God)
Scott L: Charcoal in the shower (Black Keys' "Gold on the Ceiling")
rob: Somebody's Notching Trees (Somebody's Watching Me)
Brad Weiss: Takin' It To The Streets
Brad Weiss: Can't Get Enough of Your Love
ElliotO: I Don't Work Fridays
joeythejammer: Flakka A Tree
judofuse: Florida
Greg Smallwood: I've Got a Hippopotamus in My Basement
joeythejammer: Grumpy Forever
Luke Overbey: Gold Bridges (Gold Digger)
Dylan: My Kid
rob: Blurb Up (Word Up)
John Fitzpatrick: On and On
Brad Weiss: Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves
Greg Smallwood: Cleveland's Traveling Runner-Up Show
geoffreytanner: "For Whom the Bell Tolls" (Kevin is the Grim Reaper)
Dave Mann: "Moosemilk? No Way!"
rob: It's Rabies! - featuring Luke Overbey & Judofuse (Hey Ladies)
joeythejammer: I'm a (NATS) Reliever
joeythejammer: LIQUOR (I DON'T GET IT) A Gary Song


June 5 - June 11, 2015

This week's episode contains:

judofuse: The Presidents Club
mrlip: Snack Bar Goddess (Jukebox Hero)
mrlip: Golden Bridge (Golden Years)
judofuse: Phelps Prince (A Nigel Song)
rob: The Psychic Song (The Devil Went Down To Georgia)
mrlip: Bridge Girl (Rich Girl)
geoffreytanner: "Golden Bridges"
Byron: Alaskan Woman (Feat. Judofuse)
John Fitzpatrick: Someday Never Comes
mrlip: Grin Reaper (Maneater)
mrlip: The Old Man We Call Satchmo (The Old Man Down the Road)
John Neiswinger: TK Jinglers (Opera Singer)
Hampton Nager: The Greatest Scam Of All
John Fitzpatrick: Candy's Room [Andy's Wrong]
John Fitzpatrick: Learning to Fly [Write]
rob: Return of the Satch (Return of the Mack)
Brad Weiss: The Waiting
kj87: I Want a New Show (I Want a New Drug)
mrlip: Loomis Chaffee (In The Navy)
Brad Weiss: Birdhouse in Your Soul
Not Joe: What's This, the Cillizza? NSFW
rob: Orange Man (Particle Man)
Patrick Moffett: Don't Let the Door Hit You (The Kinks)


May 29 - June 4, 2015

This week's episode contains:

rob: The Time Larry King Almost Died on Air (The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down)
judofuse: A-a-ron... ron
mrlip: He's Bald, He's On PTI (I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide)
mrlip: I Spell So Well (Michelle)
John Neiswinger: Really Safe Flight - Tony the TSA Agent (Beautiful Night)
Brad Weiss: Let it Be
Byron: When You Know Nothing At All (Feat. Joe Aro)
Zach: Gimme my money
joeythejammer: Hey Bill (Barto)
Luke Overbey: Deflate (feat. Judofuse)
Hampton Nager: Close The Window (feat. Leigh Nager)
mrlip: TSA (California Girls)
John Fitzpatrick: [TK's No] Handy Man
SuperDaveJewett: Joshua the Plumber's Song
mjustin24: Cillizza Love Song
Brianfc: 500 Miles Parody
judofuse: Sticker (Picture) - Ft. Kj
rob: The Middle-Aged Man and the Swordfish (Mr. Brightside)
Dylan: 200 Dollars (The Andy Polley Song)
Jeff: Fixed My Tire
mrlip: Plumbing (Something)
Kyle H.: I Wanna Know Who's That (Feat. Joe Aro)
rob: The Amount You Like (How to Save a Life)
John Neiswinger: It's the Kornheiser Mailbag (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Song)
mrlip: Feinstein Field (Centerfield)
Brad Weiss: Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)
John Neiswinger: OongaBoogieWoogie
judofuse: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
John Lanza: Escape (from Mike Wilbon)


May 22 - May 28, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Kj in MN: Boys of Summer
Brad Weiss: You Spin Me 'Round (Like A Record)
mrlip: Mailbag Tonight (Heartache Tonight)
judofuse: 50 Ways to Hallelujah
richotter: Has Michael Seen The Rain (Creedence Clearwater Revival Parody)
Dylan: Aldridge and the NBA
mrlip: Flat Runnin' Tires (Runnin' on Empty)
judofuse: Hot Dog Seller (Hotstepper)
judofuse: Going for Ice Cream (Cake)
mrlip: Trash Fight (Flashlight)
joeythejammer: Someone Dumped Their Trash In Mine
John Fitzpatrick: Fire and Rain - Redux
Jerry: SMAUG! - Part 1
Jerry: The Gambler (Cillizza Nats Version)
rob: (He Loves Answering) Questions [Obsession, by Animotion]
Pdubble: I Believe I Had That
Kj in MN: Don't You Tony You're Wrong? (If You Don't Know Me By Now)
Brad Weiss: Jack and Diane
joeythejammer: Thank You For The Mailbag
rob: Count Your Strides (Break My Stride)
Kj in MN: Hey Dude (Hey Jude)
Patrick Moffett: Sleeping next to Kim Jong Un (Rolling Stones featuring Jason Fuse and John Neiswinger)
mrlip: The Umpire (I'm on Fire)


May 8 - May 14, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Jerry: Choking Dogs (Homeward Bound)
John Neiswinger: Tony's Guests are All So Affable (Man Gave Names to All the Animals) - ft. judofuse
tubaladd: Trotz, influenced by Beethoven
Brad Weiss: Eleanor Rigby
joeythejammer: One More For Trotsy, One More For The Road.....
mrlip: Who Put The Swap In Cillizza‘s Wife Swap? (Who Put the Bomp (in the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp))
mrlip: Boulevard of Choking Dogs
Dylan: Rockville Pike
Ben V: Freaking Trotz, Trotz, Trotz
Brad Weiss: I'm Not in Love
judofuse: Skinmilk
mrlip: Sulaimon (Panama)
Patrick Moffett: Gimme Some Mailbag (Spinal Tap Feat. Jason Fuse and John Neiswinger)
John Fitzpatrick: "Here You Come Again" [ft. Kjerstin Ohnstad]
judofuse: Les Boulez (Lady Marmalade) - Ft. Kj
geoffreytanner: "It Wasn't Me" (Deflate Gate Parody)
Byron: Hulu Cabana (Feat. Larry King & Judofuse)
rob: Ya Gotta Draft Chance King - Featuring Kjerstin Ohnstad
geezertaz: Write Your Own Songs
mrlip: Sliders from Drew Storen (Riders on the Storm)
judofuse: The Seats of Chris Cillizza


May 1 - May 7, 2015

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: BRYCE 1-2-3 (SO EASY)
steven maloney: The Leader of the Store (ft. Kjerstin Onstad)
mrlip: Fine Italian Meal (Games Without Frontiers)
Jerry: Don't Take the Girl (A Windhorst v. Trolls Song)
Jerry: Mandy (Hey Windy!)
CodyHoyt: Leader of the Store
joeythejammer: Reader Of The Mail
judofuse: Arm Your Children Well
Brad Weiss: Wild Thing
mrlip: No One Gets Fired (Love Me Two Times)
geezertaz: TONY FOR THE HALL
Kj in MN: Riptide (Mailbag)
ElliotO: Where in the World Did Bryce Harper's Ring Go?
Brocephus: Can't Drink Tonight
JG: He Ain't Breathing, Adam Silver
mrlip: Propane (Cocaine)
John Neiswinger: Golden Boys theme song (Golfin' and Grillin' with Friends)
Kj in MN: Who I Am
Dylan: Better by (John) Beck
Brad Weiss: More than a Woman
mrlip: Am I Really Going To Bat Again? (Is She Really Going Out With Him?)
judofuse: Intergalactic Howard Fineman
mrlip: Bundle Up Old Man (Landslide)


April 24 - April 30, 2015

This week's episode contains:

John Fitzpatrick: You’re More Than a Pundit, Right TK?
Kyle H.: The Yaps of Paul Pierce (featuring Joe Aro)
mrlip: Insultin' Kevin Sheehan (Parody of Sultans of Swing)
rob: (What if Tone Was) One Of Us
mrlip: (What's So Funny 'Bout) Defensive Fundamentals? Parody of (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding?
John Fitzpatrick: Mockingbird [Featuring Kjerstin Ohnstad]
Brad Weiss: It's Only Rock n Roll
judofuse: Tony Be Good (Johnny B Goode)
Ben V: Wake Up Adam Silver
mrlip: Airwaves of Tony's Show (Parody of Cover of the Rolling Stone)
Sean Morrissey: Game 7
John Fitzpatrick: Apeman
John Fitzpatrick: Nats Ain’t Gonna Start Scoring Tonight [Via JT]
mrlip: I Play Alone (Short Version) Parody of "I Drink Alone"
Patrick Moffett: They Can't Hit, They Can't Field (Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da)
rob: Chris Cillizza (My Sharona)
Brad Weiss: Good God Not Another Fifty Ways
judofuse: Under Armour
Brad Weiss: You'll Never Leave Rockville Alive
Sean Morrissey: Golf With Tony


April 17 - April 23, 2015

This week's episode contains:

andyscho4579: In the Studio
andyscho4579: In the Studio
Kj in MN: Hall of Fame (Band of Gold) - Lyrics by John Fitzpatrick
joeythejammer: Fifty Ways To Golf With Tony
judofuse: My Bocce's Back (Alternate Universe Remix)
joeythejammer: A Commish Who Can Breathe
Jerry: Charity Golf Song (Only Wanna Be With You)
judofuse: Just Go Away
rob: If You Bid At Auction (Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?)
Jerry: No Surprises
Byron: Red Bocce Ball (Feat. Joe Aro)
jonahinseattle: Subterranean Vacation Blues
joeythejammer: Smells Like Caps Choking
geezertaz: Tony The Rapper
John Fitzpatrick: Macho Man [Bocce Balls]
judofuse: Cut Him Loose (Footloose)
judofuse: Capitol Dome (Danger Zone)
Kj in MN: Blah Blah Blah, Yada Yada Yada
rob: Choking Dogs (The Stroke)


April 10 - April 16, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: Another Girl
Jerry: Jacomo
judofuse: Geno Love (Jungle Love)
John Neiswinger: And Desmond Blows (And So It Goes)
joeythejammer: There Is Nobody Older
rob: Take Me To Whole Foods (Eddie Money)
judofuse: Me Me Me Me (Mmm Mmm...)
Jerry: Try
judofuse: Losing All Your Hair (Living on a Prayer)
geezertaz: Puff The Make-up Artist
Brad Weiss: I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face
John Fitzpatrick: I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
judofuse: Tootsie Rolls and Area Codes
rob: Everything Gets Under His Skin (Sinatra)
Kj in MN: Killing Me Softly
John Fitzpatrick: I've Got You Under My Skin
John Fitzpatrick: Someone to Watch Over Me
Brad Weiss: Turn, Turn, Turn


April 3 - April 9, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Kyle H.: Cross-Dressing Guys (Eagles Parody)
judofuse: That Song (Lucille)
ElliotO: I Will Transcribe
Brad Weiss: You Can't Always Get What You Want
John Welsh: Ballad of an Orange Man (Words and Idea Loren in Williamsburg)
John Welsh: My Kind of Town (It's Jacksonville!)
rgraham60: See the Nationals Play
judofuse: Put the Rings on Us (Ft. KJ)
Ben V: Can I Still Listen Tomorrow?
Jerry: Sex and Candy
ElliotO: Gotta Transcribe
rob: Anthony (Wonderboy)
negrelja: Tomorrow
Hampton Nager: Big Rock Cocaine Planet
geezertaz: The Man In White


March 27 - April 2, 2015

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: Mister Griffin (Sister Christian)
judofuse: Going Down (Ft. John Neiswinger)
joeythejammer: Only 16th
Jerry: Glory Days (No Delay!)
Kj in MN: How's Your Thursday Show?
John Neiswinger: A Room of Our Own
ElliotO: The Randy Man
rob: Smells Like Last Place (Nirvana)
Brad Weiss: America
joeythejammer: TK Sweeter Than Wine
Patrick Moffett: Life's Good When You're Rich (Featuring Judofuse)


March 20 - March 26, 2015

This week's episode contains:

John Neiswinger: Living, Breathing NBA Commissioner (One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater) - ft. Colby Neiswinger
Brian: Sympathy for Mr. Tony
judofuse: Choking Dogs (Crosby Stills &Nash)
ElliotO: Randy (You're a Bad Coach)
geezertaz: The Best of The TK JINGLERS
Kj in MN: Ain't No Sunshine
judofuse: Hard to Say Goodbye to the Podcast Delay (Boys II Men)
Jerry: American Pie (Podcast Delay Memorial Edition)
John Fitzpatrick: Tone's Free [Stone Free]
judofuse: Silver's Alive? (Silver Lining)
Kyle H.: We're Picking Brackets (Ray Charles parody
Kyle H.: Let's Rest Our Guys (Chubby Checker Parody)
joeythejammer: This Bracket's On Fire
Jerry: Falling Slowly (ft. Kj Ohnstad)


March 13 - March 19, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Luke Overbey: Phil's Mom's Gonna Knock You Out
Kj in MN: Shopping For No Reason
Brad Weiss: You Can't Do That
Jerry: Personal Cheeses
rob: Like A Tootsie Roll (Like A Rolling Stone)
Byron: Clearance Rack (Feat. Joe Aro)
John Neiswinger: Mike and Tony (Zak and Sara)
John Fitzpatrick: A Satchmo Lullaby
Ben V: Always Not Surprised
Jerry: Could've Been (An Ode to The Man Cave)
judofuse: Bracketology (Choppin' Broccoli)
jarod: Lets Go Fishing Raju
rob: Phil's Mom (Stacy's Mom)
rob: Purple Line (Purple Rain) ***Did not know Joe Farrell did this one before I posted
joeythejammer: We're Going All The Way (NATS 2015 THEME)
Brad Weiss: Chevy Van


March 6 - March 12, 2015

This week's episode contains:

geezertaz: Orange Tinted Jew
Byron: Dear Mr. Popovich
Brad Weiss: Mack the Knife
judofuse: Dudes of Hazardous
John Neiswinger: Whatever Tony Wants (Whatever Lola Wants) - ft. Lauren Neiswinger
judofuse: Gone (Jay Bilas Rejected)
rob: Littles Root for (The) American (University)
judofuse: SMH SMH (Nonsense to Me)
judofuse: Keaven
ElliotO: Eatin' Out
John Fitzpatrick: Psycho Killer
ElliotO: Downtown
Kyle H.: Another Series win or bust team (Monkees parody)
Brad Weiss: Itchycoo Park
geezertaz: You Could Be Golfing (You Should Be Dancing)
John Fitzpatrick: Do You Know What I Mean?
John Fitzpatrick: Some Kind of Wonderful [Moving to the Mayflower]
judofuse: The Wind Sighs Gary
judofuse: The Wind Sighs Gary (Acoustic)
Kj in MN: Have I Told You Lately That I Had That?
stan.longhofer: Sarafina (Dulcinea)


February 27 - March 5, 2015

This week's episode contains:

John Welsh: Far From the Purple Line (Words and Idea Bert Ayers)
John Welsh: This Orange Man
John Neiswinger: Old Man Tony K (Bad, Bad Leroy Brown)
Kyle H.: Another Brick from John Wall (Pink Floyd Parody)
John Fitzpatrick: Bus Stop (On Fleek Edition)
Jerry: I'm So Fired (for Bill Simmons)
joeythejammer: Here Comes The Snow
judofuse: Fritos (Freedom)
Jerry: Hello Goodbye (RGIII)
judofuse: Triscuits: Sage, Cranberry and Thyme
Patrick Moffett: Get By With A Little Help From Sheehans (Feat. Kj Ohnstad, Idea by Kyle Hampton)
Brad Weiss: Misery
ElliotO: "Sheehan" (Parody of "Starman")
judofuse: Stars (Wilbon's Story)
Jerry: I'm Flying a Drone Now


February 20 - February 26, 2015

This week's episode contains:

rob: Callin' Bull Jive
Chris Robb: I drive a Caddy - Parody of Fancy by Iggy Azalea
Chris Robb: 20015 (Mr. Tony’s Neighborhood)
judofuse: Gary Has a Twitter Handle (Mary Had a Little Lamb)
joeythejammer: He Hates Sunshine (MY GIRL)
judofuse: Plush (Acoustic Ode to Verizon)
Dave Marzo: Chaputzvah (Joe Aro - To the tune of Billy Joel's Big Shot)
joeythejammer: Satch In The Cradle
Brad Weiss: If I Were a Rich Man
John Neiswinger: Your Song (from the Wagyu cow himself)
Jerry: The Man Cave Promo Song
Luke Overbey: Chaputzvah (Push It)


February 13 - February 19, 2015

This week's episode contains:

ElliotO: If I Had My Phone on WiFi
John Welsh: Nel blu dipinto di Jew (Chaputzvah!) -- AKA "Volare"
ElliotO: Crock-of-**** Rock (Ode to Brian Williams)
Neil From Rockville: Trotz!! Trotz!! Trotz!!
judofuse: Gruden, DUDE! (Scooby Doo Theme)
rob: They Don't Have Chaputzfuh
Byron: Jeff Ma - Here's a $50 (Feat. Joe Aro)
John Neiswinger: Stranded (Landed)
John Neiswinger: Old Geezer (Maneater)
ElliotO: Not Shaputzpah
jcrocket: Chaputzvah!
joeythejammer: Walk (MORE) Like A Man (LIVE ON MR. TONY'S SHOW 1/22/15)


February 6 - February 12, 2015

This week's episode contains:

judofuse: Oranger
Kj in MN: At Last (Podcast)
Brad Weiss: Tradition!
ezrafischer: Shiputzfah (Shipoopi from the Music Man)
judofuse: C.A.D - Yeah You Know Sheehan
Jerry: Chimp, You'll Be A Monkey Soon
ElliotO: Tony's Sandwich (Joseph's Coat of Many Colors)


January 30 - February 5, 2015

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: No Wifi At All
John Fitzpatrick: Signs
joeythejammer: They Never Even Call You By Your Name
Brad Weiss: Horse With No Name
Jerry: I Don't Have the Hair (I Used To)
Brad Weiss: Rosalita!
judofuse: Am I Cut From The Americans?
Kj in MN: No Tone, they're just Javelinas!
Mike: Javolina!
judofuse: By the Time I Get to Phoenix


January 23 - January 29, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Patrick Moffett: Yard Sale? Never! (Cat Stevens-The Wind)
joeythejammer: Blowin' In The Wind (Or Your Phone Plan)
Byron: I'm Mike Rizzo (Feat. KJ)
joeythejammer: Someone To Blame (King Of Pain)
OldAtHeart: Mr. Tony's Flying Blues (The Letter)
judofuse: What if Hippos Could Box
brendonsteen: Oddly Credible
John Neiswinger: She's Only the Goddess (She's Always a Woman)
Brad Weiss: Free Bird (Live performance)
joeythejammer: That Hungry Feelin' (Righteous Bros)
John Fitzpatrick: Nobody But Me
richotter: Worried to Fly
joeythejammer: SMALL BALLS
Jerry: 50 Ways to Cheat Like Brady
John Neiswinger: A Phone Bill Situation (A Minor Variation)


January 16 - January 22, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Jerry: Name Those Rascals!
John Fitzpatrick: Lollipop [Belichick]
John Neiswinger: Trotz! (Flash Gordon theme song)
joeythejammer: Your Love (Outfield/Mailbag)
Kj in MN: Offshore (Roxanne)
Jerry: Blame Everything On Blatt (Two Out of Three Ain't Bad)
Patrick Moffett: The Wizards (Beatles-Don't Pass Me By)
Brad Weiss: Kiss
Brad Weiss: The Promised Land
Byron: Walk (More) Like a Man (Feat. Joe Aro)


January 9 - January 15, 2015

This week's episode contains:

geezertaz: Streets of Old Rockville
geezertaz: THE 980 HANDICAP
cvrobb: TK Shake it off
Brad Weiss: Fugue for Little Tinhorns (Brad, Kj, John F. on this one!)
Jerry: (Everything I Do) I Do It For Food


January 2 - January 8, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Byron: Hallelujah (The Redskins Season is Over) Feat. Yoni Rose
Kj in MN: Push My Shovel
happy_Blaise: Alley Food
joeythejammer: Wreck Of The Kornheiser Mailbag (ORIGINAL RADIO SHOW CLIP)


December 26 - January 1, 2015

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: Operator
John Fitzpatrick: Great Balls of Fire
joeythejammer: Let Me Throw (RGIII's Final Plea)


December 19 - December 25, 2014

This week's episode contains:

geezertaz: O-W-R
Jerry: Home Invasion (Good Vibrations)
Jerry: Coaching You (Close to You)
Pdubble: Do We Have a Guest?
Kj in MN: It Ain't Me, Babe (featuring Patrick Moffett)


December 12 - December 18, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Qiyu Liu: 8 Days of Mr. Tony
Brad Weiss: Atlantic City
revschaef: O Come, All Ye Littles
Brad Weiss: Homeward Bound
Jerry: The Yodeler (The Wanderer)
joeythejammer: SUNDOWN (LIVE RADIO CLIP-12/16/13)
John Fitzpatrick: It's Not Unusual
joeythejammer: The Griffmas Song
John Fitzpatrick: Lost to the Giants Again
John Welsh: Lay, Katie, Lay (Words and Idea Roy Matthewson)
John Welsh: It's Redskin Time (Do They Know It's Christmas?)
Sean Morrissey: New Coach in Town


December 5 - December 11, 2014

This week's episode contains:

John Neiswinger: Ode to Another Season (Souvenir)
Jerry: Jay Gruden's Song (WKRP in Cincinnatti)
Brad Weiss: The Grinch
Patrick Moffett: Dedicated Follower of Cheeses (For the CheeseBoy-The Kinks)
Luke Overbey: Wild Thing
mrlip: Ticket For Five (Ticket To Ride Parody)
mrlip: You Stink On Ice, That's Alright
Jerry: The Wrong Brother (Dream Lover)
John Fitzpatrick: Sharp Dressed Man
Brad Weiss: Savoy Truffle
Brad Weiss: Baby It's Cold Outside
happy_Blaise: Yard Sale Today
John Fitzpatrick: Cheap Sunglasses


November 28 - December 4, 2014

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: The Most Horrible Time Of The Year (REDSKINS DECEMBER ANTHEM)
mrlip: Yesterday (Tony's Mailbag Theme)
Brad Weiss: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Brad Weiss: Ruby Tuesday
JohnM: When He's Gone
joeythejammer: Have Yourself A Grumpy Orange Christmas!
John Fitzpatrick: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
John Welsh: Tony Buys Sunglasses that Break
John Neiswinger: James (Carville)
joeythejammer: So These Are Your Redskins (HAPPY XMAS)
John Fitzpatrick: Indy
Jerry: Goodbye, RGIII (Candle in the Wind) ft. John Neiswinger
Kj in MN: I'll Just Complain (I'll Fly Away)
John Fitzpatrick: Waiting for a Girl Like You [w/Joe Aro]


November 21 - November 27, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Carroll Connelley: Satch and Diane
Brad Weiss: Dancin' in the Moonlight
Brad Weiss: Come Together
Brad Weiss: Rikki Don't Lose That Number
John Neiswinger: Talk About (Movin' Out)
happy_Blaise: Role of My Dreams (Guy in Sports Bar)
joeythejammer: Mr. Cool Has Lost His Thrill
Just Another Jim: Kevin Sheehan the Weatherman
Byron: Free Swag Action (Satisfaction) - Feat. John Fitzpatrick & Mickey Salins
Jerry: Maybe I'm Amazed
Jerry: Nothing (A Chorus Line)
Jerry: Goodnight Saigon (for John Feinstein)
John Fitzpatrick: (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding?
joeythejammer: It's A Kevin Sheehan World In The Winter....(MARSHMALLOW WORLD)
joeythejammer: Where's my paper? (Don't Cry Daddy)


November 14 - November 20, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Michael B: Kevin S. Lead-In
Luke Overbey: Tony Got Crackers (Baby Got Back)
Patrick Moffett: In the Doghouse Now (Soggy Bottom Boys)
Byron: Triscuit Hanky Panky (Feat. Joe Aro)
Zach: (Big Poppa) Open up tha Mail Bag
John Fitzpatrick: The Tears of a Clown


November 7 - November 13, 2014

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: Winning Seems To Be The Hardest Word
Brad Weiss: Watching the Detectives
John Fitzpatrick: Can't Get It Out Of My Head
joeythejammer: Vienna
Qiyu Liu: House of the Rising Carville
DISCorgi: Skins'll Be Alright [based on It's Alright (Acapella) by Huey Lewis & the News]
happy_Blaise: Ain't We Got E. Lethargica
John Fitzpatrick: Just Once [A Red Lobster Tale]
happy_Blaise: Promos
Byron: Mickey Mouse "Who is our QB?!?" (Feat. John Fitzpatrick, KJ, Brad Weiss and Patrick Moffet)
judofuse: The Rambler
judofuse: Derrick Rose is Out Again
Shad: A Song for a Snake.....1-877-NUM-BER-2
steven maloney: Kevin No (Let it Go) Performed by kjerstin Onstad
Jerry: The Longest Time (Redux)
Jerry: Take Good Care of My Baby
John Welsh: Where is the Post? ("Send in the Clowns" idea by Greg Hellman)
frankmerz: Ode to Reginald
John Neiswinger: All for Tony (All for Leyna)
joeythejammer: Post Online (REMIX) (Modern Love/Bowie)


October 31 - November 6, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Patrick Vint: Eggs
joeythejammer: Ron Jaworski
Kj in MN: Nothing Compares 2 U
Brad Weiss: Nashville Cats
John Fitzpatrick: Everyday
joeythejammer: (Little Ditty About) Kevin Sheehan
Alex Lau: Meet the Press (Meet the Mets)
Patrick Moffett: Do You Ever Drink Alone? (or In Bubes's Car)
Brad Weiss: Bus Stop
happy_Blaise: Haven't Seen It (An ArcHomage)
Hampton Nager: The Roosevelt Swing
judofuse: Under the Bus (That Wrecked)
Brad Weiss: Day Tripper
Jerry: Faith (HATE)
Jerry: The End of the World (for LeBron & the Cavs)
John Fitzpatrick: The Streak
John Welsh: Bridle Your Optimism (We might go 7-9)
joeythejammer: Spoonful (of ice cream) (Daydream)
Brad Weiss: It's The Great Pumpkin, Mr Tony!!
Shad: 1-877-CICK-JAWS'-ASS


October 24 - October 30, 2014

This week's episode contains:

John Welsh: That's Ebola (That's Amore)
Hampton Nager: Fineman walk-up ("I See All Good People")
John Fitzpatrick: Superfly [Button-fly]
Jerry: God Bless The USA ("The Americans")
John Fitzpatrick: They'll Fumble 4 Ya [I'll Tumble 4 Ya]
Thomas Crummer: TK's Waking Up (A Redskins/Cowboys song)
Jerry: Flagpole Sitta
Jerry: Three Coins In The Fountain
Brad Weiss: Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries
Kj in MN: This Show
John Fitzpatrick: I'm on "The Americans" [God Bless America]
Matt Dillhoff: Don't Think Twice in DC
joeythejammer: Wilbon (Levon)
happy_Blaise: TK Ad Writer
happy_Blaise: Magic Front
happy_Blaise: Eat It (Too)
Bill Barto: I Think I Had That (I Think I Love You)(feat. Joe Aro)


October 17 - October 23, 2014

This week's episode contains:

greghellman: Ice Cream-(Dream The Everly Brothers)
judofuse: Liz's Gloves
Byron: Celebs they Runaway (Feat. Joe Aro)
Mickey: Your home, because it's where you live
Brad Weiss: Happy Talk
Sean Morrissey: Avacado
Bill Barto: Gonna Chop Off My Head (feat. Brad Weiss)
John Fitzpatrick: He's an Hysteric
Patrick Moffett: The Weatherman Song (Monty Python, Featuring Brad Weiss and John Fitzpatrick)
Kj: Stat Girl
Hampton Nager: I'm Terrified Of Bears And Raccoons
Neil From Rockville: Hey, Colt Baby
John Fitzpatrick: Day After Day [Hashtag: TheMovement]
Hampton Nager: Mediocre (Feat. Li'l Stevie Aro)
Jerry: Making It Up As He Goes (A Four Seasons salute to Kevin Sheehan)
Brad Weiss: Play That Funky Music
negrelja: Hey, I got Ebola!


October 10 - October 16, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Jack Wright in Frederick, MD: Why are you scared, Tony?
Byron: Caps got the Trotz! (feat. KJ)
richotter: E-e-e-ebola (Lola parody)
Brad Weiss: Cheek to Cheek
Brad Weiss: And Your Bird Can Sing
Patrick Moffett: Confused (Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes)
Hampton Nager: E-Mail Time (Sweet Emotion)
Kj: Barbara Ann (Bob Ryan)
Byron: Refugee Safeway (feat. John Fitzpatrick)
steven maloney: Losing Like the Guy Before did (Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds)
Alex Lau: The Fineman Monster Mash
OldAtHeart: Natinals have Choken (Morning has Broken)
joeythejammer: Don't Stop Believin' (Jinglin')
John Welsh: Avocado (Tim Kurkjian in the Ghetto)
Hampton Nager: Everybody Has A Broken Heart (feat. Bruce Weiss)
Jerry: STICKER ME (Sam Smith)
Jerry: Tubthumping (AKA TK is a Broken Record)
Jerry: EBOLA!!! (Delilah)
Neil From Rockville: Yummy Yummy Yummy


October 3 - October 9, 2014

This week's episode contains:

John Fitzpatrick: For What Jayson's Werth
Brad Weiss: Good Morning Starshine!
Bill Barto: You Can't Podcast in a Sales Weasel Herd
Brandon S Bowker: This Magic Mailbag
joeythejammer: Losers
happy_Blaise: You Don't Send Me Kind Bars
Kj: Gangsta's Paradise (Old Guy's Paradise)
Brad Weiss: Gin n Juice
John Fitzpatrick: One of These Nights
Kj: Rockstar
Jack Wright in Frederick, MD: Nats Won't Be Champions
Jerry: Fixing A Hole (Nigel's Song)
Jerry: When The Stars Go Svrluga
Brad Weiss: 50 Ways to Write a Jingle
John Fitzpatrick: Summer of '69
John Fitzpatrick: Beverly Hills
happy_Blaise: Bicycle Park
John Welsh: Springtime for Tony (and Washington!)


September 26 - October 2, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Alex Lau: Information
joeythejammer: Tracks Of My Tears (Tony's Mailbag)
Brad Weiss: Lawyers, Guns, & Money
John Fitzpatrick: Werewolves of London
Neil From Rockville: Internet Killed the Newspaper Star
Jerry: Where Everybody's Boiling Eggs (Cheers Theme)
Jerry: U Best Not Miss
Jerry: Some Hair
Brad Weiss: Penny Lane
Lil-Ditty-Know: Orange, Orange Baby (Jeremiah Amaku)
Shad: 1-877-APP-4-THAT


September 19 - September 25, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Byron: 50 Ways to Boil an Egg (Feat. Joe Aro)
Jerry: Moronic (Ironic)
joeythejammer: Old Guy Radio
Brad Weiss: Sarcasm!
Mike: Look At Me, I'm RGIII (ft. Michelle Negrelli)
Jerry: Blame Shanahan
Patrick Moffett: The Mr. Tony Mashup...Blah Blah Blah (Trio-Da Da Da)
John Fitzpatrick: Fly Like An Eagle
Alex Lau: Tony's Way (Set to "My Way" by Frank Sinatra)
joeythejammer: I JUST SING
Bill Barto: Things That I Buy (My Favorite Things)
Patrick Moffett: The Orchid on the Mound (Beatles-Fool on the Hill)
Jerry: Tony's Terrible Reggae Mailbag (ft. Mark Polydoris)


September 12 - September 18, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Mickey: Don't want to see it [I'm a believer in Arch Campbell]
Brad Weiss: Born to Be WIld
Hampton Nager: Reach For Walker Blue (The Theme from "Cranky Friends") feat. Joe Aro
Jerry: I Believe I Had That
Patrick Moffett: City house (Country House-Blur)
joeythejammer: Down On The Corner (Time for the Mailbag!)
Kj: Against All Odds
Hampton Nager: Reno Road
Jerry: Ain't Gonna Change a Thing
John Fitzpatrick: Morning Has Broken [Griffin Got Broken]
John Fitzpatrick: Getting Better [E-mails, that is]
Shad: 1-877-REPE-WHAT-U-SOW
joeythejammer: Stayin' In


September 5 - September 11, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Hampton Nager: Goodbye, Liz Clarke
Curt Murphey: The Yodeler
Brad Weiss: Wait!
choeface: 50 Ways to Ease Your Anger
Jerry: Learn How To Sell
John Fitzpatrick: New Coach in Town
John Fitzpatrick: Peaceful Easy Feeling [RG3 Edition]
Brad Weiss: (Theme from) Shad!!


August 29 - September 4, 2014

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: Brand New Rant (Brand New Key)
Jerry: Get Back
Brad Weiss: Bohemian Crapsody
Jerry: Don't Lean On Me
joeythejammer: Tony's Back! (Welcome Back)
Jerry: I'll Be Back
John Fitzpatrick: Get It On [Bang a Gong]
Josh: Mike's Heart Will Go On
Josh: Your Song


August 22 - August 28, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Patrick Moffett: Here Comes Mr. Tony's Mailbag (Monty Python Always look on the bright side)
Bill Barto: Hornaday Nights (Hollywood Nights)
joeythejammer: The Old Man
Brad Weiss: Somebody That I Used to Know
Jerry: Antsy (ft. Michelle Negrelli)
Kj: Free Him (Freedom 90)


August 15 - August 21, 2014

This week's episode contains:

negrelja: Grey Street (Orange, Bald, and Grey)
Jerry: Empty Chairs and Stale Bagels
Brad Weiss: Whole Lotta Love
joeythejammer: Podcast On The Run Baby
Jerry: Another Day In Paradise


August 8 - August 14, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: Stairway to Heaven . . . Winter is Coming


August 1 - August 7, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: Hooked on a Feeling
Bill Barto: Silly Jingles (Silly Love Songs)
Jerry: Summer, Highland Falls
joeythejammer: Sometimes Andy Polley (is all I need)
Jerry: Hey 980 (Hey Jealousy)
joeythejammer: Tony's Time (Closing Time)
Jerry: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
joeythejammer: HEY YOU
Bill Barto: Junior (Heroes)
Jerry: The Cage
John Fitzpatrick: Foxey Lady
John Fitzpatrick: Peaceful Easy Feeling
joeythejammer: ROCKVILLE 2014 (Heard The Last Show Down In Rockville)
joeythejammer: Here's To Kevin (Tears In Heaven)
Jerry: Dulcinea


July 25 - July 31, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Festsgrber: Waitin' on the Podcast Delay
Byron: Space Oddity
Jerry: Wichita Lineman
joeythejammer: Bald Orange (NEW WORLD MAN)
Jerry: Rave On
Brad Weiss: I Am, I Said
Jerry: Honey
joeythejammer: Someday Soon
Brad Weiss: In The Summertime
Jerry: Bullet with Butterfly Wings
Jerry: Another Haiku
Festsgrber: River of Dreams


July 18 - July 24, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Patrick Moffett: Please (Stay on the Air) (Pink Floyd)
Hampton Nager: Andy (It's a Fine Show)
Jerry: Torie's Party (ft. Judie)
Jerry: More
joeythejammer: Hurt
BrendonSteen: Ol' Man Tony
Kj: Kaw-Liga (Oh Nigel)
Jerry: ...Baby, One More Time
Jerry: Hear The Show Again
joeythejammer: Can't Help Falling (LIVE from the MR. TONY SHOW 5/19/14)
Jerry: Mr. Codger's Neighborhood
John Fitzpatrick: Money
John Fitzpatrick: Don't Panic
Jerry: Only the Lonely (Motels)
Brad Weiss: Think for Yourself


July 11 - July 17, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Jerry: I Love You, Larry David
Jerry: Volcanology (All Apologies)
Brad Weiss: Wild Honey Pie
Jerry: Little Sliced Apples
John Quinn: Eat It (McManus)
joeythejammer: Happy Summer (Show Is Over)
Jerry: Change the Time
Jerry: 86 Candles
Jerry: Time of the Season
Bill Barto: Already Gone (Eagles)
BJ: The Ballad of the TK Show
Jerry: The Gambler
Brad Weiss: Under/Over the Bridge
Kj: Bicycle


July 4 - July 10, 2014

This week's episode contains:

John Fitzpatrick: Another Brick in the Wall pt 2
joeythejammer: Shad Writes Haiku
Jerry: Looks Like Uranus
Brad Weiss: Wish You Were Here
Jerry: I've Loved These Days (Podcast Delays)
rbardon: Hurrican (For Kevin)
Jerry: No One Is To Blame
Matt Spada: That Thing You Do (Or Don't, You Sons Of Bitches...)
Jerry: Wake Me Up When September's Here Again


June 27 - July 3, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Jerry: It's The End of the Show (For the Summer)
Jerry: One Show More!!!
negrelja: I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow (I Am A Man From Ohio)
Hampton Nager: Seals On The Rocks
John Fitzpatrick: Roll Over Kornheiser
Ace Hagan: King Of Schlock
joeythejammer: Satchmo Strut
Brad Weiss: Lucy in the Sky
joeythejammer: Mr. Porthouser (Mr. Bojangles)


June 20 - June 26, 2014

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: Sealed With A Kiss (Say Goodbye For Summer)
Brad Weiss: Popular!
John Fitzpatrick: Try To Remember
joeythejammer: THE JOKER
Brad Weiss: Whiter Shade of Pale
Jerry: Firepit (Katy Perry)
Patrick Moffett: Filling the Hole (The Beatles-Fixing a Hole)
Lil-Ditty-Know: Jonathan Scriven: 9 to 5
Lil-Ditty-Know: Randy Caldwell: 16 Notes


June 13 - June 19, 2014

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: Need Mail Now
negrelja: Tony (Polly)
Jerry: Song for the Goddess (Rhymes with Torn)
Brad Weiss: Iko Iko
Brad Weiss: Daydream Believer


June 6 - June 12, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: I'd Really Love To See You Tonight
Brad Weiss: Last Train to Clarksville
BillB: Rockville Pike (Route 66)
Kj: Finger
Jerry: Almost Like He Gives A Crap
Ben V: Faxman
freest8r: The Prayer
joeythejammer: Bald, Orange & Grumpy
joeythejammer: And So It Goes
Jerry: Worker Man
Jerry: 31 songs
John Fitzpatrick: WAR
John Fitzpatrick: Tumbling Dice
John Fitzpatrick: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
John Fitzpatrick: The Lady Is A Tramp
OldAtHeart: Boca Raton March (Livin' La Vida Loca)
Brad Weiss: Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey


May 30 - June 5, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: I Get By With a Lot of Help From My Little Friends
Jerry: Barry Svrluga (Sherry)
Jerry: Hurt (The Bocce Ball Song)
Jerry: Earth Stopped Cold At Dawn
Patrick Moffett: Waste My Days (Weezer-Keep Fishin)
joeythejammer: Build Me Up Buttercup (Orangeman)
John Fitzpatrick: Maxwell's Silver Hammer [Adam Silver's Hammer]
joeythejammer: Why you gotta bash my team?
Kj: I Got You Babe ( I Miss The Old Days)
Brad Weiss: The Stranger
Ben V: Rock 'til 8 o'clock
John Fitzpatrick: Bad Case of Loving You
John Fitzpatrick: Stormy Monday
joeythejammer: WHY DON'T WE GET DRUNK
Kj: Shave Your 'Stache


May 23 - May 29, 2014

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: It's Gotta Be Mailbag Music (If you wanna jingle with me)
Brad Weiss: The Americans
Jerry: In My Room
Jerry: So Stung
Kj: Zombie (Shiny)
Brad Weiss: Going Mobile
Ben V: A Day In The Life of Nigel
Brad Weiss: For Free!
Byron: Take Him Out of the Ball Game (Feat. John Fitzpatrick)


May 16 - May 22, 2014

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: Thank God For Tony Porthouser
Brad Weiss: What a Wonderful World
Brad Weiss: So Long, Farewell, and On and On and On
BV: Bobby Jean Ladeaux and the Ramatones
John Fitzpatrick: Just The Way You Are
John Fitzpatrick: She's a Lady
Jerry: Hats Off To Raju
Jerry: Old Man & Me (Michael Kornheiser Wedding Reception Demo Pt. II)
Byron: He's Backed Up for Miles (Feat. Brad Weiss)
joeythejammer: CAN'T HELP FALLING
John Fitzpatrick: Can't Stand Junior (Hallelujah X)
John Fitzpatrick: For What It's Worth
John Fitzpatrick: Just What I Needed


May 9 - May 15, 2014

This week's episode contains:

negrelja: Orange Haze (Jimi Hendrix Ripoff)
negrelja: Earth to Junior (Hallelujah) Part IX
steven maloney: After the 6th Game (After the Gold Rush) ft. Brad Weiss
Brad Weiss: Hello Muddah
steven maloney: The Laziest Newsman on this Network (The Only Living Boy in New York) ft. Brad Weiss
Patrick Moffett: Harry oh Harry (Take the Urine Upstairs) (Inside Llewyn Davis) (New Record for Parentheses)
John Fitzpatrick: Hey Joe [Hey Tone]
Brad Weiss: For No One
BV: I'll Drive Everywhere
Jerry: This Show Stinks!!! (Cleveland Rocks)
steven maloney: SkyLodge (A McManus Camping Ballad) ft. Kjerstin Onstad
pwatc: Do You Know Who I Am?
Brad Weiss: Season of the Witch
joeythejammer: Kornheiser Morn
John Fitzpatrick: New Kid in Town [Ode to Johnny Football]
Kj: Please Don't Ban Chris (It's In His Kiss)
Jerry: Chicago (


May 2 - May 8, 2014

This week's episode contains:

John Fitzpatrick: Mr. Pitiful
Brad Weiss: Kokomo
Jerry: Not Fade Away
Kj: Constant Kvetching
BV: Porthouser
Jeff H.: Wild Ponies (Wild Horses): Featuring Dan Earner on Vocals
Kj: Post the Show Now ( I Need You Now)
Jerry: Jamie (Weezer B-Side)
Byron: What's Facts Got to do With It? (Feat. Joe Aro)
Brad Weiss: I Am A Rock
Brad Weiss: To Sir With Love
joeythejammer: I FEEL FINE
AdamFromA2: Don't Wanna Know What That Is
negrelja: Mr. Aging Bald Man
joeythejammer: A World Without Mail (or love, or Tony)
dgaerlan: Tony's Mailbag Theme - Punk/Pop Style
Brad Weiss: Wichita Lineman


April 25 - May 1, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: I Heard it Through the Grapevine
kcf316: Mailbag State of Mind
John Quinn: April Come She Will (performed by Patrick Moffett)
Jerry: Obenshain (Danke Schoen)
Lil-Ditty-Know: John Peter: Gary's Mailbag Theme (Feelin' Good)
BV: Connecticut Avenue Revisited
Jerry: Eat It, McManus! (Viva Las Vegas)
Dannner: Looking at My TV
Kj: Radioactive (Time for your faxes)
joeythejammer: Allergies (Into The Night)


April 18 - April 24, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Kj: Drops of Jupiter (What is Stupider?)
Brad Weiss: Three Days A Week
Hampton Nager: If I wanted to speak Hungarian, I'd be in Hungary
Brad Weiss: NOT Kiss on My List
pwatc: Kornheiser!
John Fitzpatrick: Under My Thumb [Un-tucked My Shirt]
Patrick Moffett: Andy Polley (Yellow Submarine)
joeythejammer: When You Say Nothing At All (MAILBAG)
Jerry: Roses Are Red
Brad Weiss: Mrs. Robinson
Mickey: Paint it Black (an ode to Aldridge)
Alec: Free Tony (Free Fallin')
John Fitzpatrick: Tired of Being Alone
Patrick Moffett: Money Keeps Falling on my Head (B.J., Burt)


April 11 - April 17, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Brad Weiss: Mellow Yellow/Orange Fellow
Brad Weiss: Pink Moon/Orange Man
Jerry: I Go To Extremes
Jeff H.: The Animal Revolution (Revolution - The Beatles): Featuring Jerry Negrelli on vocals
Shad: 1-877-LYFS-2-SHORT
Brad Weiss: Let's Stay Together
Brad Weiss: The Very Model of a Modern Yodeling Talkshow Host
Jerry: Basket Case
joeythejammer: Mailbag Fan (HIGHWAYMAN)
Jeff H.: The Podcast Blues (The Brady Bunch): Lyrics by Jeff H. featuring vocals by Kjerstin Ohnstad and John Fitzpatrick
Brad Weiss: Boogie on Reggae Woman
John Fitzpatrick: "Love Me" by Elvis Presley
Jeff H.: I Just Called To Say I Had That (I Just Called To Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder): Lyrics by Jeff H and Dan E Vocals by Dan Earner
Byron: Chad Won't Call Back (Feat. Brad Weiss)


April 4 - April 10, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Hampton Nager: Back For Cash
joeythejammer: CRANKY OLD MAN (JOEL)
Jerry: #GIA14 (Kiss at the End of the Rainbow)
Jerry: What Was College For?
Patrick Moffett: Tribute to the TK Chicks Round 1 (Dear Prudence)
Brad Weiss: Tomorrow Never Knows
Jerry: Mailbag No. 5
joeythejammer: JUNIOR VIII
joeythejammer: Mailbag State Of Mind (REMIX)
John Quinn: Kvetching (Crazy - Patsy Cline; vocals by KJ Ohnstad)
joeythejammer: Bus Stop Mailbag
Brad Weiss: Loser
joeythejammer: Mailbag (Cocaine)
Brad Weiss: Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
Jerry: Danko/Manuel


March 28 - April 3, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Josh: Let it Snow
Brad Weiss: Chipmunks! (or is it hamsters?)
Brad Weiss: You Don't Bring Me Flowers
Jerry: I Wonder Why
Dannner: 8 Days mailbag (original full version)
Dannner: Paperback mailbag
John Fitzpatrick: Honesty [Allergies]
Jeff H.: The Final Foursome (The Final Countdown by Europe): Vocals by Joe Aro
A2Z: Tom Petty's Refugee (arranged and sung by Joe Aro)
Jerry: Buddy Holly
Patrick Moffett: You'll Never Get Wilbon to Be Surprised (HBO Theme/Hank Williams Sr.)
Bobby: The Seeker
Byron: Jinglin' Blues (Feat. Joe Aro)
Jerry: Lucky Now
The Turkeys: Getting Balder
Jerry: Parachutes
David Chow: Tony Day (Lou Reed)
Kj: Smashed Car (Tracy Chapman)
Patrick Moffett: Junior VII
Brad Weiss: NOT Ring of Fire
John Quinn: Nobody does it Better (Carly Simon); vocals by Joe Aro


March 21 - March 27, 2014

This week's episode contains:

joeythejammer: Who Put The MA (In the Ma-ma-ma-ma-MAILBAG)
Jerry: Vertigo
Jerry: Urge for Going (#IRideWithSheehan)
Jason Thurman: Doctorate Degree (Jessie's Girl)
Patrick Moffett: When You're Orange (People are Strange)
Jerry: Hey Hey, My My (Out of the Blue)
smaloney: Why Don't You Do Sports? (Performed by Kjerstin Onstad, Lyrics by Steve Maloney)
Brad Weiss: Way Down in the Hole (theme from "The Wire")
John Fitzpatrick: Late in the Evening [Morning]
John Fitzpatrick: "Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard"
pwatc: ToNy (a parody of Ho Hey)
Jeff H.: DC 20015 / Kevin (867-5309 / Jenny) Vocals by Joe Aro
Jeff H.: TK Man (Parody of Candy Man by Sammy Davis Jr.) Vocals by Joe Aro
joeythejammer: Mister Tony (LITTLE SISTER/ELVIS)


March 14 - March 21, 2014

This week's episode contains:

Jeff H.: DC 20015 / Kevin (867-5309 / Jenny) Vocals by Joe Aro
Jeff H.: TK Man (Parody of Candy Man by Sammy Davis Jr.) Vocals by Joe Aro
joeythejammer: Mister Tony (LITTLE SISTER/ELVIS)
Brad Weiss: M o o o o o n River!
Brad Weiss: These Boots Are Made For Walking
Jack Wright in Frederick, MD: Who is Junior? (Hallelujah Part VI)
pwatc: To Make You Read My Mail
Brian: Tomorrow
Byron: Kornheiser (Goldfinger) - Feat Kj
joeythejammer: A Kornheiser Fan (AN INNOCENT MAN)
smaloney: Did You Know I Know Magic
Brad Weiss: Mandy
John Fitzpatrick: Beyond the Sea (with Bob Ryan)
Jason Thurman: House of the Rising Sun (House of the Orange One)
Kj: Phil's Mom (When I'm Gone)
Jerry: A Difficult Man (with Joe "Crystal Talief"-Aro)
Patrick Moffett: Bleak Horizon (True Detective Theme Song)
negrelja: Old Laughing Tony (Acoustic)
negrelja: Shine (Acoustic)
negrelja: Everlong
Brad Weiss: Kodachrome
Lee Lewis: Don't think twice its alright (TK mailbag version)
Lee Lewis: Do you hear the Bald man Kvetch?!?! (Les Mis)
Brad Weiss: Junior (the 5th)
John Fitzpatrick: Ain't Too Proud [Rich] To Beg
Jerry: Nick "Swaggy P" Young
Jeff H.: iPhone (Alone) - vocals by Michelle Negrelli
yonirose19: Che Tonyna Kornheisa (to the tune of the opera aria Che gelida manina) recorded live with full orchestra
Brad Weiss: Loves Me Like a Rock
Jerry: lazyback
John Quinn: It's Too Late (Carole King) - vocals by Michelle Negrelli
joeythejammer: Hey Mister Tony (Hey There Delilah)
Byron: That's Kornheiser! (That's Amore - Feat. Brad Weiss)


March 7 - March 14, 2014

This week's episode contains:

John Fitzpatrick: Handy Man [AKA: The Ballad of Strathmore Garage]
nlh: The Weight (The Band)
Patrick Moffett: Weasles (The Beatles-Piggies)
John Quinn: In Dreams (Roy Orbison) - sung by Joe Aro
John Quinn: In his ZipCode (In the Ghetto - Elvis) - sung by Joe Aro
Jerry: Don't Know Much (w/ Michelle Negrelli)
scottegold: Mr. Tony's Mailbag Theme Song (Scott Gold Original)
Brad Weiss: My Old School
LSBakerJr: Give Me Some Clout (A Teenager In Love)
Mike Dow: Mr. Tony's Mailbag/Myth of Podcasts (All Around the World/Paul Simon)
John Fitzpatrick: On Mailbag [On Broadway a la George Benson]
Bobby: Kornheiser! (Ghostbusters - sung by Joe Aro)
John Quinn: Wilbon (Lionel Richie "Hello" - sung by Paddy O'Negrelly)
John Quinn: Vincent (Don McCLean - sung by Joe Aro)
Byron: Mighty Wind (Feat. Joe Aro)
Jerry: Runaway
Brad Weiss: Windy
Brad Weiss: Graceland
Jerry: My Way


February 28 - March 6, 2014 (New Format)

This week's episode contains:
John Fitzpatrick: You'd Better Give That Sash To Me [They Can't Take That Away From Me]
Jeremy: Where Did You Go Last Night? (Ledbelly/Nirvana parody)
joeythejammer: Ruby Tuesday
Brad Weiss: It's Only Love
Jerry: Salute You (Cee Lo Green)
Brad Weiss: Emails Have Come to This / Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
Jeff H.: How do I use my iPhone? (Alone by Heart)
joeythejammer: Free Formin' (FREE FALLIN')
Jerry: Better Man
John Fitzpatrick: Talk for Life [Walk of Life]
Eric Yates: Monkey Man (An Ode to Reginald)
scottlambrecht: Why by Annie Lennox featuring Nancy Kerrigan
Jerry: Oh My Love
John Fitzpatrick: Read Me [Use Me]
Byron: Parenthetical (Unforgettable) - Feat. KJ
Brad Weiss: Wouldn't it Be Nice
joeythejammer: I'll Get You (BEATLES)
Kj: Jolene (Tony)
John Fitzpatrick: Email Backlash ["Jumping Jack Flash"]
John Fitzpatrick: Read Funny Emails ["You Really Got Me"]
Brad Weiss: Look What They've Done to My Song
John Fitzpatrick: "Mike Wilbon Surprise [Tequila Sunrise]"
Kj: When You Know Nothing At All (Alison Krauss)
Jerry: Raju's Lament (Still Crazy After All These Years)
Byron: Hurt of the Mailbag (Feat. John Welsh)
Patrick Moffett: What Happened to the Mailbag? (Playing around on the guitar)
joeythejammer: It's Still The Mailbag To Me (BILLY JOEL)
Shad: 1-877-DEDD-TO-US