About Little Songs

Little Songs was built in 2013 as an online home for the humorous* crowdsourced mailbag songs featured on Tony Kornheiser's nominally sports-related radio show.

Little Songs enables fans from around the world to join together to celebrate these stupid songs and to collaborate on even stupider new compositions.

Little Songs was created by Jerry Negrelli (@JerryNegrelli) and our community can be found on The Face Book.

* - Humorous? This is debatable.

Disclaimer: "Little Songs" was previously known as "TKJINGLES.COM" and is in no way associated or affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by Tony Kornheiser, This Show Stinks LLC, The Tony Kornheiser Show, or its producers, or any parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, related parties, officers, directors, employees, distributors, or licensees of Tony Kornheiser, The Tony Kornheiser Show or any of its producers (all of the foregoing, collectively, “Tony Kornheiser Parties”). This is an independent, unofficial site;